Ugly Betty: Canceled!

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It's not shocking, but it's still sad: ABC has canceled Ugly Betty.

Both the network and the show's producers have confirmed this season will be the last, but there's still is a slight silver lining:

Writers have been given enough time to craft a series finale, as executive producer Silvio Horta and ABC president Steve McPherson wrote in a statement: 

“We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion. We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell."

Shocked by something or someone?

Before this unique show goes off the air, we hope it at least answers the following questions:

  1. Will Daniel and Betty ever get together?
  2. Will Matt come back for Betty?
  3. Will Wilhelmina and Connor get together?

What questions or issues do you need Ugly Betty to resolve before it goes away forever?

** UPDATE: Producers have confirmed the series will end... with a wedding! Who do you think will walk down the aisle?

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i think that matt should come back for betty, but then him being too late and finding daniel and betty together then tehre can be a big drama scene were betty has to decide between the two and her choice would surprise us. i think that it will be very dramatic and it will keep the fans intertained and as for Wilhelmina and Connor i think they should get together but make it troublesoem for them to get together


I love betty she really made my wed.nights less boring :-( your
a fabulous actress America & I will definitely miss you!!!




i cant believe its ending :'( i so mad but if it does end put Betty and Daniel together please :) . they belong together and they have a really good bond.


Re: The Ugly Betty cancellation. Actually what needs to happen is for all of the Ugly Betty fans to bombard ABC with a coordinated email campaign respectfully demanding that the show not be cancelled. Efforts like this from a large enough fan base have been successful in saving favored shows before (or having them picked up by other networks). Don't just lament the show leaving, ask your family, friends and co-workers to also send a quick email as a favor to you (even if they don't watch the show), take a quick moment to send an email to ABC letting them know how you feel (and that you will probably switch to another network if you can't see this quality program). Watch the commercials during Ugly Betty and take note to mention the sponsors in your email saying that you currently patronize them because of the show and that you may not be so inclined to do so if the show leaves. (Emails to these sponsors couldn't hurt either). Be nice, but be firm letting them all know in no uncertain terms that you will be greatly disappointed (or sad, or mad) if they remove one of your favorites - Oddly enough, you can remind them that the consumers do have a voice. Coordinate through the Ugly Betty fan sites and forums to fight for this quality show which provides excellent entertainment.... Also, it may not hurt to send a quick (respectful) email to the Oprah website since she was such a strong advocate for Ugly Betty in the first place. One mention from power player Oprah and you will have millions of additional advocates on your side all speaking in unison to change the minds of the corporate network executives in charge.


I think the wedding will be between Hilda and Bobby. I wonder if Justin will get together with Randy? I've always been a Henry and Betty fan, but since they did the whole closure between the two, I feel like those two will never get together. Daniel and Betty are FRIENDS: them being more is just.... ugh weird and a little bit incestous. Call me crazy but if Daniel ends up with anyone, I think it should be Amanda; the show started off with them together as these shallow two-dimensional characters and now, they're more than that. Granted, Amanda is still Amanda, but she's matured. Maybe Marc needs to get back together with Cliff. It'd be nice if they did a fast forward and show Betty not so much "with" someone, but her having achieved her dream: her own magazine. I think at the end of the day, that's Betty's true love. I'm sad that this show was canceled, it was one of my favorites. However, I do admit that when they moved UB from the Thursday night block that it was the beginning of the end. They should've let it stay. I think this petition won't work; for us as consumers to have any affect at all, we need to translate that petition into something tangible. It's simply far too easy to affix your signature to a show because even if it does come back, a majority of those signatures will stop watching the show. I think if fans want to be really proactive about UB's resurrection, DVD sales have to go through the roof. Fox cancelled FG twice, and record DVD sales forced them to renew the show and buy the back rights from Adult Swim.




i really want betty to end up with matt if not ugly betty will be ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fait chier ! Why, WHY the only one serie I like has to be canceled ? That sucks !
Will the writers have enough time to end up properly the serie in 10 or so episodes?
And please, no way that Daniel and Betty end up together. It's a sibbling relationship and it will be better for Betty image to not end up as an employee in the arms of her boss. Too cliched and retrograde, doesn't fit with the dynamism and feminism she embodies...


So, i seriously think if they are gonna put betty and daniel together they better give betty a full on daniel and betty are too brother/sister to be intimate and youre gonna need a couple episodes or make some time past by a the show is ending but you know what i think wilhelmina should get connor at the end..betty and matt should get married, justin should find out about the (lost) baby..i think it was stupid to get rid of the baby pshh...daniel should reunite with his sister (brother), gio should come back oh my god totally forgot about gio now gio and betty was a great match makes me wanna see that season again..i liked henry but he made me mad and i no longer like him so either she needs to get with matt or gio somehow lol oh...and to close it..get them to take those braces off cuz its been way too long..i have friends that get their braces off quicker than betty that is my food for thought...SAVE UGLY BETTY!!!


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