Andrew Garcia: The Best in Hollywood

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It's very early on American Idol, but Andrew Garcia has already made quite an impression on the judges.

How impressed were they by his Hollywood rendition of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up?" Kara DioGuardi compared Andrew to Adam Lambert.

That's high, misguided praise (we'd have gone with Kris Allen, if forced to choose a season eight contestant), but it also shows Garcia's potential. Watch his buzzed-about performance below and sound off:

Is he the season nine favorite?

[video url="" title="Straight Up Performance"] [/video]

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I don't really watch AI until the Top 24 begin to compete. Too early to tell. I didn't really know who I voted for last season until the Top 12... Can't wait for next week when the Top 24 (12 boys + 12 girls) begin to sing live woohoo!...


KRIS was more of what the average "normal" person loves anyway ~ same with Andrew Garcia. But if he starts using makeup and dying his hair, etc. I'm gonna turn off the TV. Let's hope NOBODY reminds us of Adam! He is SO not what an American Idol should look like! YAY FOR SEASON 9! IT'S FINALLY HERE!


LOL, there always has to be a Glambert commenting on every article that mentions Kris to talk about how average he is, and how he's not as talented as Adam. Give me a break. What Andrew did was way more reminiscent of what Kris was known for during Season 8--take a pop song and flip it into an acoustic guitar performance.

Matt richenthal

We weren't judging the taste or Adam vs. Kris. We were simply saying that turning a pop hit into an acoustic song was more reminiscent of Kris.


With Kris Allen? please! Adam is = talent, Kris = just middle mind people's taste. It was the higher praise.


Sounded great. Let's see - he's not as cute as Kris, not as flamboyant & technically insane as Adam, not as cuddly as Ruben, and not as much an underdog soulful performer as Taylor. So there left David Cook, who started quite ugly to be honest and ended the season a winner who became quite a heart-throb. There seems a lot of hope for Andrew, if he keeps on impressing everyone with his music, and if someone else doesn’t do better. I really like the “Sandwich girl�. See how she progresses. Last season Danny started really strong and just faded at the end.


Great great voice, but lacks a certain stage presence.