Andy Samberg to Guest Star on Parks and Recreation

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Parks and Recreation recently got picked up for a third season.

If it keeps cranking out impressive guest stars, NBC might as well pick it up for a fourth and a fifth.

Following in the funny footsteps of Louis CK and Will Arnett, Andy Samberg will appear in an upcoming episde of the sitcom.

Andy Samberg

The Saturday Night Live veteran will portray Carl, the head of security at a local park. He butts heads with Leslie after someone gets mugged in the area. No word yet on when Samberg will pop up on the show.

But there are two words to describe the guest-starring stint: inevitably hilarious.

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This must go down as THE FUNNIEST snl Iv'e seen yet. I REALLY TRIED to vote Andy Samberg as Ras Trent to be my vote for BEST snl political chcoie it couldn't be done. Instead I will try my computer skills at sending this hilarious short video to as many friends as I can. I know it will bring (as it has brought) COUNTLESS CHUCKLES across the country. You Rock, Andy Samberg! Keep up the excellent work!!!!I'm a fan!

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