Chuck Review: "Chuck Versus the Mask"

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While we were nervous that Intersect 2.0 and Chuck being a real spy would destroy the essence of the show, this week proved to us that Chuck could still be a spy and still be Chuck.  Heck, other than a couple references to Intersect 2.0 and the confidence it gave him, Chuck didn't even use the thing this week!

During Chuck's mission, "Chuck Versus the Mask," Chuck manages to prove to be a real hero using only his computer skills and intelligence.  Wait, Chuck can be that decisive?  Well, the new spy Chuck can be apparently.

Chuck and Hannah Kiss

Overally, we really like where they're taking Chuck's character, and we're very curious to learn more about the ring and really see where season three is going.  That's actually our biggest issue with this episode.  We have to wait nearly a month until Chuck returns with a new episode, "Chuck Versus the Fake Name" on March 1st.

This week we were left with no cliffhangers and no standard spoiler-rific preview of when Chuck returns.  While as fanatics you know we'll be tuning in March 1st no matter what, but how about the rest of the television world?

Of course, what kind of Chuck fans could we be without mentioning the awkward love quadrangle in our review.  While we think both sets of couples clearly have chemistry.  The Shaw / Sarah pairing was inevitable.  As the girl states, she's drawn to heroes, and both of these actors are just too good looking.

While a Chuck-Hannah pairing may not have the chemistry of Chuck-Sarah (duh), they do have this cute, nerdy thing going.  So with both couples having chemsitry, why are we still bitter?

Our biggest issue is Sarah seems to have no problem falling for other spies, but her number one goto of why she can't be with Chuck is that they work together.  I bought he was the asset, but now that he's becoming the spy slash hero (heck, the guy saved Shaw's life twice this episode!), what's her excuse?

Owell, we all know with the Chuck formula, Hannah and Shaw are either destined to be double agents or will wind up dead, so we can't let ourselves get too bitter.  Now for our favorite Chuck quotes from the episode, including an amazing Superman-y reference:

Chuck: If I have to see you with someone else, it might as well be a hero.
Sarah: What can I say? I have a type. | permalink
Sarah: Chuck you're not going to have us forever. The Intersect was designed so agents could work autonomously.
Shaw: We're your training wheels and your performance tells me it's about time for us to come off.
Casey: I hope you're ready for your big boy bike, Bartowski. | permalink
Hannah [about Sarah and Shaw]: Any idea what's she's doing here, other than trying to make you jealous with that ridiculously good looking date of hers?
Chuck: Him? Ridiculously good looking? If you like that strong, Supermany kind of guy. | permalink
Sarah: Keep your coffee and your cheesy come ons to yourself.
Shaw: Then I should apologize to Casey.
Casey: Hey Shaw, thanks for the coffee. It's just the way I like it, black and bitter. | permalink


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