Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Same Sex Kiss Ahead!

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Julie Benz made quite the impression on Desperate Housewives last night, debuting as a stripper named Robin.

The former Dexter star will apparently make an even bigger impression on a fellow character in a few weeks, however.

As first reported by TV Guide Magazine, viewers should expect Katherine and Robin to get especially close later this month.

“Everyone assumed I was going to come in and break up someone’s marriage, but there’s a whole different twist,” Benz said in an interview, and proves in the upcoming scene below:

Desperate Smooch

The actress goes on to explain the smooch above:

“This kiss comes out of a funny moment where we’re trying to ditch some guys,” he said, while Delany adds:

“I asked, ‘Am I becoming a man?’ And [creator] Marc Cherry said, ‘Close' For a woman in her fifties to make this announcement to her community is huge. I hope it sticks.”

So do many male viewers, but we can't help but ask:

Is this a logical storyline for the character? Or a publicity stunt for the show?

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NOOOO...I'm never watching this show again!!


Looks like fun for Wisteria lane!! It's about time to represent! I think it's strange for Katherine's character but, the kiss opened her heart and that's what did it so, the storyline flows. I personally will be following this story line and hope the writers do it right! I hope they focus more on her becoming attracted to women rather than focusing on how bad her past relationships w/males has been. Woman do not fall in love with woman because they had bad relationships with guys, it's because they are or become attracted to women! It would be nice to see two functioning lesbians, who are not stereotyped, on a main stream show.


no please... katherine can´t be gay I really want to watch with other guys being a little bitch


It totally makes sense for the character. Katherine has had her heart ripped to shreds by men. First her husband Wayne was a wife basher. Second Adam had an affair and then left her to fight her battles alone and finally Mike left her for his ex-wife. Katherine is a logical choice to become a lesbian. Please let Benz stick around as her lover. I would adore that so much since Delany and Benz are basically my two favourite actresses.


logical,nothing unsual for this type of behavior.

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