Entourage Season Seven Spoilers: Plot Details Leaked

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Following a season in which most episodes were based around noting more than the main characters sitting in a room and talking, we'd be happy with any interesting storyline on season seven of Entourage.

Set to premiere on HBO this spring, the show will reportedly offer up at least the following two premises:

  1. Vince will start filming a new big-budget movie. He'll require a stunt coordinator to work with him on the action sequences and pyrotechnics.
  2. Turtle will be in charge of a new business venture, which will require the hiring of a trio of sexy women, all of whom want to be cast in Vince's new film.
Vince and Turtle

We'd have to imagine Eric and Sloane's engagement will also play a central role on the season.

As you get caught up on our favorite Entourage quotes, let us know: Do these storylines excite you?

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Entourage Quotes

Vince: Go easy on him, he's having a rough day.
Ari: What's wrong, E, what happened?
Vince: He's not getting any.
Ari: Oh no. You kidding me? Want me to get Lloyd in here and have him hari kari you with his pecker?

Lloyd [on going out with a gay writer Ari is trying to land as a client]: I'm not going for me, and I'm not going for the agency, I'm going for you.
Ari: Hey, whatever gets you through the night

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