Family Guy Review: "Dial Meg for Murder"

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Poor Meg has been the butt of Family Guy jokes for eight seasons now and she finally got her chance to get her revenge on her family and fellow students in last night's "Dial Meg for Murder."  So how did the half hour of Meg going postal end up?

Well unfortunately, the episode was a little too offensive and horrible, even for an episode of Family Guy.  While we've come to accept the show's attempts to further and further push the envelope, did we really need to see a baby get punched and a grown man anally raped... by two different people?  One of which was his own daughter!?

Hardened Meg

For those of you with thicker skin to child abuse and rape, the episode had plenty of laughs and was definitely fun for anyone annoyed by Meg's treatment.  Who wasn't smiling when she slowly loaded a bag with soda cans, knowing full well what she was going to do.

The episode also guest starred Chace Crawford as he painfully attempted to voice Luke.  Apparently this guy needs to stick to Gossip Girl, because this stud has a face for television, not a voice for radio.  Luckily, Luke only had two scenes and our favorite character Consuela saved the first and the handicapable jokes at Joe's expense saved the second.

Our final complaint about the episode is the use of realistic photos.  When this bit was first introduced by South Park it was hilarious.  When Family Guy occasionally uses it, it's still funny.  However, using two real life photos in one episode?  Time to fire some of those manatees.

Who are we kidding?  We know you guys loved the episode and come here for our Family Guy quotes and not the review.  They're after the jump.

Peter: Hold on, Lois, this is some serious parenting, I'm gonna go put on my Cosby sweater. | permalink
Stewie: Wow, Meg's one of those crazy chicks that hooks up with an even crazier guy... cuts to Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. | permalink
Black Inmate [to Meg]: Did you also get caught trying to vote in Ohio? | permalink
Mort: What kind of birdhouse can you build with popsicles, roofies, and a rubber mallet?
Herbert: It's for a rare African bird called "none your business." | permalink


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ok i know its only a cartoon and i know Meg is a fictional character and i know its not real.


Hey USER guy do me a favor and shut up.Meg is a wonderful character.Ok and i know its just a cartoon.


Considering the way the Griffin's, especially Peter, have treated Meg, the violence she brought on them after returning from jail was the least they deserved. Meg earned her cold-blooded revenge.


Peter is often the outlet for emotions and behavior that are not exactly celebrated in a western society: Male dominance, racism, prejudice etc. For me he is really a way to vicariously experience forbidden things. It's really easy to relate to him and like him. So seeing him getting brutally emasculated and humiliated was not instantly funny and me feel bad. However, it's not a sign of a poor episode, they just managed to find a very vulnerable spot in the viewer, or at least in this viewer. A mindblowing episode! And mostly funny as well.


I liked this epesiode for the reason because Meg is one of my favorite characters and I hate the way they treat her making her the butt of all the jokes all the time. I'm glad she finally got her revenge Don't Mess with jail time Meg Griffin YA HEARD :)


a baby getting punched is hilarious!


Then DON'T WATCH THE SHOW! It's so simple. I'm so sick of so many complaints about this show when people who complain continue to watch it which results in them getting miserable. Honestly, I am a person with a taste in many kinds of humor. I love intelligent humor and I from time to time I like to watch a film or show like Family Guy with non-sequitur humor or crude humor. I don't take crude humor seriously, but I laugh. Sure many may be unfunny to me, but I won't get angry and waste precious moments of my life making rants about a show.


Gonna pop in here one last time to defend myself. I have literally watched every episode of Family Guy the day it aired since the pilot premiered. I'm a fan first, a reviewer second. However, I'm sorry, I feel there's a difference between funny and a failed offensive joke. Really, the bull had you laughing out loud? Meg and Peter in the shower? I love offensive humor as long as it's funny and also watch the always offensive South Park, It's Always Sunny, etc. I just didn't think the jokes worked here and if they did, I would not have complained. I would have laughed right alongside you guys. You guys are obviously very much entitled to your own opinions and we encourage you to rate the episodes yourself and chime in the comments.


Peter got raped... Twice?


Too Offensive? Reviewers like this don't deserve to review shows if they cannot view the program in question as what it is- A COMEDY. You weren't watching a documentary or an autobiographical movie, where the harsher aspects of life make you uncomfortable and offended. It is comedy for crying out loud! We want reviews, not to read someone who doesn't understand this basic concept, crying about how their morals were somehow attacked by a half hour of comedy.

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Wow, Meg's one of those crazy chicks that hooks up with an even crazier guy... cuts to Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.


Hold on, Lois, this is some serious parenting, I'm gonna go put on my Cosby sweater.