Five Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: "Time Warp"

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Blasts from the Seattle Grace past abound in these five sneak preview clips from tomorrow night's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy, appropriately called "Time Warp."

We've seen the ABC promo and some quality photos from the episode, but the clips shown here provide the first glimpses into the characters' various flashbacks so far.

In the preview below, Bailey gets chastised by her superior way back in 2003. It's interesting (and telling) to see the tables turned on "Mandy" by her Nazi predecessor ...

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

We've got four more clips for you after the jump, and they're all good. There's Bailey in 2010, introducing her flashback in a sense. Then there's her talking to Joe in '03.

Younger Joe is looking a bit like Hurley from Lost, we might add.

Then there's a tense scene with Meredith, Thatcher, Ellis and Richard way back in the '80s, and finally, Callie meeting Alex before the former was introduced to the show.

Are you excited about the flashbacks or do you think it's a waste? Whose story line are you most intrigued by? Take a look and leave a comment with your thoughts ...

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #5"] [/video]

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Just watched the episode when Cristina is looking after Nurse Fallon, Nurse Fallon says to Chief Webber that she was Ellis Grey's scrub nurse for 18 years, that would give us all those years when Meredith is growing up, her father left and got a new family, mum was working full time as a surgeon, where was Meredith?. Did she go to boarding school, did she sit at home all alone while mum was working? Let's see Meredith growing up and popping into the hospital at different stages of her life. She went through a gothic stage, she said she only wore black to her prom. Let's see Richard introduce Ellis' diaries in the lecture/flashback episodes. The flashback episodes should have been part of the program all along, as Seattle Grace is a teaching hospital, and now with the merger, they really should be doing more lectures in the auditorium, and more M & M's we saw Denny Duquettes M & M, we should see other patients, like the lady with the large tumour in her abdomen, and the dude with pain as an ethos.


Just loved this episode, Mandy was so lovely, glad to see she's now Bailey and speaks up.
Young Richard and Ellis were great in showing us there relationship and little Meredith with her anatomy Jane, she used that doll in another episode with Erica Hahn and Bailey. And the actor they got to play Thatcher was really on the button, you can see the older Thatcher in this younger man, someone said that Ellis's eyes were the wrong colour, honestly it didn't change the fact that the younger Richard and Ellis were having a steamy affair.
I would like to see more of these flashback episodes focusing on past patients. More young Richard and Ellis and more Mandy, I would really love to see Bailey come out and stick it to her bossy resident.


oh well like lots of you already said, this thatcher over there looks horrible and yeah, this is not the way I imagined Ellis. You know this movie starring PD "made of honor" in which they made him look far younger in the beginning than he actually looks like? I'd like to see the actress again who used to play the older Ellis 'cause she did a great job.
Also I've got to say that I'm not missing KH either but I wished the storyline about her would be more plausible. Like she leaves, comes back, Alex ends there relationship- & not a single word about that? hmm...
Anyway I think creating this episode was a try to share time. This doesn't mean it hasn't got the chance to be a great one. It's just suprising after this super shuffled holiday episode.


OMG Meredith was so FRAKING cute when she was younger and who would of thought Bailey was a nervous wreck in her intern years.


Little mer is ADORABLE!


Excuse me...
He basically slept with most of the women in NYC and Seattle. o.o


The question you should be asking is,
"Who hasn't Mark slept with?"
That's impossible though because he basically slept with the whole entire female staff. o.o Manwhore. =D


wow, i used to hate thatcher but with such a bich of a wife it would be hard not to be an alcholic


Can we make fun of Thatcher's hair? Would it be disrespectful if we make fun of Thatcher's hair? LOL I'm finding it hilarious, how did Ellis slept and conceived Meredith with guy with such hair. Meredith has way better taste, Derek has way better hair.


@holly, I think the flashbacks are exclusively for Bailey, Callie, and Richard/Ellis. For the rest, we've already seen their moments. I guess if it was defining moments, we'd had to see Derek's and Mark's in NYC (along Addie's) when they became world class surgeons, Hunt in war (I think soon it'll happen), and so on. It'd be too much for an hour.

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