Gossip Girl Caption Contest 92

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Welcome, readers, to the 92nd edition of the Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

This week's Caption Contest winner was tough to pick. As hard as it's ever been!

Your winner is SiriDavidsen. Congratulations! The winning caption appears below.

Honorable mentions go out to Kate, Blair+Chuck4ever and prom_queen.

Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next time!

Caption Contest

Chuck: And just so you know; I'm not wearing any underwear...

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@LeilaOnailan your is really funny ;)


(In one of their role-playing games) CHUCK: I can't bear you a child.
BLAIR: We'll try again.


Chuck: We're just doing what we always do - finding excuses, but I won't do it anymore. Last year we couldn't say 'I love you' to each other, but now this? Really?
Blair: I know, it is silly, but..
Chuck: Just say it! Say those three magical words! It's not so hard, believe me, I tried!
Blair: Okay, fine! *pauses* I LIKE POTATOES.


I love the color of Blair's hair in the picture.


CHUCK: Are you using my scarf to stuff your bra?


Blair: Chuck! Up here!
Chuck: There's nothing wrong with keeping my eyes on the prize.


Blair: CHUCK!
Chuck: What is it beautiful?
Blair: Blake told Chace who told Ed who told Taylor who told Leighton who told Jessica who told Penn who told me that she saw you wearing a suit from Men's Wearhouse!!!
*Chuck hangs head in shame*


Blair: I can't believe it
Chuck: I know i was shocked too
Blair: You saw Nate smiling, are you sure?


@Tantilimeest I know right, i miss the old Gossip Girl Insider


Chuck: Blair, I have to tell you something.
Blair: What?
Chuck: It is serious, Blair.
Blair: OK, Chuck, spell it!
Chuck: Have you considered having a boob job?
Blair: Not yet. Oh God, are they too small? Oh yes, they are! Maybe it's time for me to get in touch with Serena's plastic surgeon.
Chuck: I agree.

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