Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "The Lady Vanished"

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Here is the CW's synopsis of "The Lady Vanished," the 14th episode of the current Season Three. It airs March 15, one week after next week's "The Hurt Locket."

  • Rufus and Lily grow suspicious of Jenny‚Äôs relationship with Damien.
  • Dan and Vanessa struggle with awkwardness of dating other people.
  • Chuck learns more about the woman who may or may not be his mom.
Mystery Woman

Pretty standard stuff, and we're sure we'll learn more about the episode as it draws closer, and after "The Hurt Locket" airs. What do you think of the description?

Andrew McCarthy, '80s icon and a character in the Gossip Girl spinoff that wasn't, directed the episode, which was co-written by Amanda Lasher and Robby Hull.

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Thanks for the assurance, but when will you guys change the fonts?
No offense, but I just do not like it. I miss the old font from GGI. I hope you take this suggestion in consideration.

Steve marsi

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Hi everyone: Just wanna say that we should be more appreciative of these writers and the site. They've been giving us amazing content for years and years, at no cost, and we're complaining b/c there's a different font? Seriously?!?
Every word of content, every photo and every section looks exactly the same to me as before. I appreciate this site taking our suggestions into consideration and I hope the vocal ones complaining are in the VERY small minority.


I LIKED THE OLD WEBSITE BETTER !! sorry but this one kinda sucks, it's no upgrade..


i know. whats up with the new website? its not any better guys


intrigued by chuck's story line but not feelin dan and vanessa AT ALL. anyone else with me on that?


i prefered the old website :|


cant wait for that !
lovvvv gg !


I liked the old website a lot better. :/

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