Gossip Girl Round Table: Special Return Edition!

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Welcome to this special edition of the Gossip Girl Round Table!

With the show (FINALLY!) returning with a new episode on March 8, the TV Fanatic staff has gathered to preview what's ahead for Chuck, Serena and our favorite Gossip Girl characters. As always, reader feedback is encouraged regarding the topics below...


1. Which parental figure are you more excited to see: Chuck's mother or Serena's father?

DANdy: Did you see Chuck refers to his birth mother as a "whore?" Come on, it's gotta be the woman that created this awesome Basshole.

Gossip Guy: Any excuse to bring one of the Baldwin brothers to Gossip Girl has me excited.  Plus I'm looking forward to a little scandal between Rufus and Lily.  Hopefully it'll be enough to get our rock star's backbone back.

Mister Meester: Serena's father. Only because this will ensure more scenes with Serena, which will likely ensure more low-cut dresses on the character, which will make me very happy.

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2. Whose return are you more psyched about: Georgina, Cyrus or Jack Bass?

DANdy: Not Jack Bass! No offense to Desmond Harrington, the actor who plays this character, but spoilers reveal Jack will be responsible - in some way for Chuck and Blair's break-up. Cue sad face.

Gossip Guy: Definitely Cyrus.  Wallace Shawn is a hilarious little guy.  Plus Jack is just going to ruin my Chair :(

Mister Meester: Georgina. She brings out the best in Blair. By best, I mean the worst, of course. But aren't Blair's underhanded manipulations the reason why we love this character?

3. Are you rooting for Dan and Vanessa to get together?

DANdy: No, because this will fuel my growing hatred/jealousy of Dan. The guy has bedded Serena, Hilary Duff and may now date a girl that's into threesomes?!? I really need to become a better writer.

Gossip Guy: I hope that's a joke.  Why would I root for anything Vanessa-related besides her getting off the show?

Mister Meester: Not if it means we see more of her mother. How much did that woman suck?!? The Barnacle complained more about her than about her daughter, something I didn't think was possible.

4. What have you been doing on Monday nights for the last three months?

DANdy: Reading, learning how to cook, working out more often. Definitely not searching the Internet for blow-up dolls that resemble Blake Lively. Not for hours at a time. No way.

Gossip Guy: Prior to these silly Winter Olympics, NBC was kind enough to give me Josh Schwartz's other masterpiece, Chuck, to keep me busy on Mondays.  However, the last few weeks?  Mostly just sitting in my room, alone and depressed.

Mister Meester: I have a newborn son, so this answer is easy: Not sleeping.

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I want to know why Carter Baizen isn't a fourth option for question two?! He is still coming back, right? Sebastian Stan is so very very nice to look at, after all, and I really like him with Serena!


OMG i miss the old members of the round table!!!!!! where are they?????? Are they coming back?????? The move to TV Fanatic has changed everything!!!!!!!!!!!!1


@The Barnacle THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU!


1. Which parental figure are you more excited to see: Chuck's mother or Serena's father? Serena Father. Only because I feel Chuck's Mother's appearance will be brief and only contribute to Chuck and Blair problems. Plus I'm quite curious to see what Serena's father is like and what his motives are!? 2. Whose return are you more psyched about: Georgina, Cyrus or Jack Bass? Honestly...ALL OF THEM! Cyrus is hilarious! Georgina's return will hopefully bring out the vixen in Blair and push her to come through with a successful take down and Jack's return will hopefully bring a HOT and bothered Chuck Bass to my TV screen! 3. Are you rooting for Dan and Vanessa to get together? NOT rooting! But I'm curious to see if they will work or not? Though I'm a Derena shipper I feel like that ship has sailed *giggles at my own pun*. I'll give them a chance! 4. What have you been doing on Monday nights for the last three months? Being bored as hell. But then One Tree Hill returned and Life Unexpected began and my Monday nights were a little less lonely. But still its not the same with out Gossip Girl...


I like the move to this site (which I didn't know existed) I spent the afternoon getting caught up on my other shows. I have been spending the hiatus in a variety of ways reading lots of books, preparing for my new job, since the beginning of February I have been having a Gossip Girl Marathon (two episodes every night so I will be all caught up by March 8th.) I have been watching the olympics (I am Canadian i feel I have to.) Most of all I have been waiting for the arrival of my nephew Cameron Humphries (He arrived on Monday.) Here's a cool fact for all of you my sisters name is Jenny and her married name is Humphries (I am serious).

Matt richenthal

@scarlett: If popular sentiment leans that way, we could definitely go back to our Round Table names.
@chair#12: Yes, the colors are a bit different. If we can make it easier for you to not "stumble" on to other shows, please tell us how - but you're on the Gossip Girl show page now and the tabs across the top make it easy to navigate around on Gossip Girl content alone. Overall, we operate under the assumption that most people watch more than one show and can use this site to enjoy other programs, as well. But, in all honesty, the transition also helps our staff immensely and we'd like readers to make tiny adjustments (such as different colors) in order to assist those of us that have provided this wealth of helpful, free Gossip Girl content for so long. We hope that's not too much to ask.


i vote you revert to your gg names for roundtables, please and thanks!


I miss the old names! :( And the old fonts! And colors! You act like the change is better because it gives us access to more TV shows, but I DON'T WATCH other shows. Really, this is just inconvient since I keep stumbling onto different shows and pages etc. I don't like it and I think I will have to stop frequenting. :(


@Derena1045. I've activated your account on here. Give it a try!


Personally I don't care what will hapen with the other couples except with THE CHAIR, because I think that there is no such chemistry as between Chuck and Blair.The Chair is the most interesting thing in the show. I think that somebody schould finally pay attention to the marvellous play of Ed Westwick and give him a leading role in a big film. The guy's really got a talent.It's him who makes the hole show different from the so - called soap operas.I think that the romantick scenes betwenn C and B are the best romantick scenes I've ever seen.

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