Greek Review: "Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe, Or Not"

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Love is in the air on this after-the-fact Valentine's day episode of Greek, titled "Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe, Or Not." Tonight's episode is full of romance, intrigue, and of course, hilarity - definitely one of the best this season!

Check out our full recap of tonight's episode here, and below, see why we thought this episode was hot!

Finally! Pan-hellenic president Katherine was the shining star of tonight's episode! Did anyone see this coming? Casey sets up her brother Rusty with holier than thou Katherine? And it worked??? Well, kinda...

Casey vs. Ashleigh

Katherine was mostly herself on her pre-date with Rusty - testing the water before fully committing to a V-day date. She wears a fetching pants suit and is "stern" as Cappie puts it. But, you know something is up when the usually talkative Katherine is completely silent. And everyone thought the setup was a miserable failure! Except when it wasn't! We love that Rusty made Katherine turn to mush!

And boy does she clean up well! Not only is she Pan-Hellenic president, and super smart, she is also super foxy and looks amazing in red! Of course she's going to Yale law. And was anyone really surprised when her archery skills were impeccable? Is there anything she can't do? Oh that's right - she's incredibly socially awkward! But even that is so delectably charming on her! Casey and now Rusty Cartwright would agree!

What are the "deets" on the other CRU couples?

Cappie and Casey: It really is the thought that counts - in a competition of who can get the most romantic gift, Cappie was clearly the winner! See the recap for the details.

Calvin and Grant: Grant's exploration of his homosexuality left Calvin feeling a little unsure of their future together, but things seem to be back on track. When Ashleigh put her hands on Calvin's eyes and you only saw the jeweled wrists, did anyone else think that was going to be Grant playing peek-a-boo?

Ashleigh and Pete: They're new, but they're already on the rocks. Ashleigh was untrusting of Pete because she was worried that he might be a liar and a cheater, but now she's building up his faith in her through lies herself: she totally threw Natalie under the bus by trying to make it seem as though Natalie were a liar (we don't blame her - Natalie sucks!), but Ashleigh is no angel!

Evan and Rebecca: Evan is smitten, and we think Rebecca is too, but that's scary. True to her commitment-phobe form, she runs away from her feelings for Evan and straight into the arms of Beaver. Way to go Beaver.

Here are some of our favorite Greek quotes from tonight's episode:

Random Girl: (Reading conversation heart) Lick my --- Oh my God! Perv...
Rusty: Hmmm. My mom must have accidentally bought me the x-rated brand.
Calvin: Or the box meant for your dad - traumatic either way. | permalink
Rusty: So Katherine...
Cappie: She was at Greek softball. She's tall, pretty.
Rusty: That's good.
Cappie: Let me finish. Stern. The word "Nordic" comes to mind.
Rusty: I think I can handle that.
Cappie: I hope she's easier than your sister. Try pleasing her - rewind. Try finding the perfect gift for her. | permalink
Casey: Nice try. Lingerie is more of a gift for you than for me.
Cappie: What? It's for Beaver. Because... Beaver likes to feel pretty. | permalink


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HAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHA, I LOVE GREEK SOO MUCH! It should get more recognition! it's WAY better than gg or 90210! it's so funyy, interesting and fun! It makes me want to be art of the greek system someday!