Grey's Anatomy First Kiss Alert: Bailey and Ben!

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On March 11, Chandra Wilson gets behind the camera and directs an episode of Grey's Anatomy for the second time this season. As previously reported, this new installment will feature a hot and heavy scene between Bailey and her new man, Ben.

Just how hot and how heavy will it get? The answer is hinted at below.

Entertainment Weekly was the first publication to publish the following photo, which features Miranda in an embrace with Jason George's handsome new character.

Check it out and prepare to swoon over this first kiss in less than two weeks:

First Kiss Alert!

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i LOVE this episode and i think he's a much better fit with bailey.




Fine to have Bailey join the romance stakes. But I hope we're not going to continue to see a lack of MerDer hotness, or even having a treat to see MerDer on screen at the same time.


I think that a little people musu go away ,bacause they are so much.
Reed out.
April out.
Baker out.
Teddy out.
Izzie out.
ex chief out.ALL THAT OTHER STAY.sO jASON REMAINS FOR bAILEY...tHESE cHARACYERS ,I seem without utility.


He is sooo hot! Bailey needs some hotness they are so cute together I hope he becomes a regular! I loved it in the last episode when she was gettign ready and he was like you look good and she like yelled don't bother me but then he walked away and he looked at her and she was smiling! that was so cute! I really like them together!


Bailey is falling in love,i'm happy for her.She directs this episode ,ENJOY FOR CHANDRA.B&B


aaww how cute!!!!


No she isn't all sexy and everything...She is adorable!!! I hope he makes her happy. She hasn't had anyone in awhile. She deserves a love life. A few trips to the oncall room would be nice too:)


So Cute!!!!! I love it!!!


Glad that they are showing Bailey as desirable. I can't wait!

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