Grey's Anatomy Love Triangle Over? Or Just Getting Started?

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This season's love triangle between Owen, Cristina and Teddy on Grey's Anatomy has already been as passionate as it is complex. But is this just the beginning?

“I think as the season draws to a close it’s going to get pretty intense and more complicated then it already is,” Kevin McKidd (Owen) told TV Guide Magazine.

“Also I think things come up with Owen beyond Christina and Teddy," he adds.

"More stuff comes up about his past that he has to deal with so that gets really interesting as well as complicates even more his situation with the two women.”

Interesting ... we'd love to hear your theories on that, readers.

Owenstina and Teddy

Who would Owen choose if it were Kevin McKidd's call to make?

“I always imagined that Owen and Christina would always be together," he notes. "As me being a fan of the show and going beyond playing the character, I’ve always kind of pictured them being together and having this tempestuous relationship.”

Maybe due to hanging with Grey’s Anatomy cast member and expectant father Eric Dane at the 8th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational (whose charity of choice, Chrysalis, benefitted from the night’s winnings, he has babies on the brain too.

“I’ve always thought it would be cool to see (Owen and Christina) have a baby together down the line,” Kevin McKidd adds, immediately making us smile at the prospect.

Now that would be a story to watch. Maybe Season 8 or 9?

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I didn't mean to say 'bay' scenario, I meant baby


Cris wasn't keen to get married to her 2 cardio gods, Burke or the doc(who's name I can't remember)who trained Cris at med school. She said she loved Owen more, but I don't see babies and marriage with Cris. The conceiving of a baby will be more difficult for Cris cos she did loose a fallopian tube. I think ep16 there's a hint that Calizona try to move Mark and Teddy on from their love lost love lives. Anyone see them as a couple? Owen must be due a relapse for his PTS soon? How about the fiancee appearing again and not being so needy this time? The bay scenario for Mer, well she does like babies, despite what Shonda says. I don't think Shonda checked her scripts when it was refered to on several different occasions by Mer. it would be a real shame not to see the dilemas Mer would have of baby/career/marriage. PD has gotten into the habit recently of saying Der wants children and Mer doesn't....yet. mer would want to finish her residency surely, but that biological clock is ticking. But I think that EP and PD will walk away from GA when their contracts are up. I just hope that they'll agree to special guest star appearences together and get mega bucks for coming back. I am dreading their leaving, it won't really be GA for me when they leave.


I think that ,i received with pleasure MERDER'S TWIN,this i seem interesting and no other.I 'm sorry but i think that Shonda 's donig the numbers ,lol,lol


If Shonda decides that OWINA do babies ,I DON'T WATCH MORE GA FOREVER.


Wait, wait Mckidd,you 'd want a baby by Cri ,but i'm so sorry for you .After that Izzie takes the Merder 's marriage you want to take a baby ,too.Now ,i accept only MCBABY AND IT'S ENOUGH.Mckidd ,you have the triangle and you are enlarging a too much.Now ,i'm boring with this triangle,i want of more on Merder.I'm boring on news for Izzie and Alex and the Ellen is free and more,more MERDER ,I SAY.i LIKE ALL ,BUT after the audience of the last episode ,Shonda must give a shake to the show.Regular is better Jackson than Teddy,she's boringgggggggggggg,i don't like for nothing


One of the major problems I have with the show and its actors is when they promote a storyline to appease the fans and not necessarily tell the truth about it or simply tell the fans, “wait till it airs�. It raises unnecessary expectations and creates contrived backstage drama. Now all of a sudden it’s Shonda versus her own cast because fans are going to assume now that Shonda doesn’t listen to her own cast or the fans because the actors are going to tell the fans that Shonda shot down their ideas e.g. Patrick Dempsey McBaby. Grey’s Anatomy has its fair share of off-screen drama and there is evidence of Shonda not listening to her own cast (TR Knightly) but fuelling it by adding actor expectations of storylines doesn’t help the show or its ratings. What happens now when each actor suddenly lays out their own expectations of a storyline and outline their own vision or development path for their character. Answer, we get another Katherine Heigl Emmy saga but because she chooses less than courteous measures to air her criticisms/observations/expectations for her own character or couple she gets lynched whilst fan smooching done by the likes of PD and KMK gets applauded. If Shonda tweets or responds that there won't be a future Owen/Cristina baby, she get lynched as the wicked witch that stole baby Owina. or better yet she gives KMK his wish, watch the blow out from MerDer fans who will think they got screwed out of a baby.


noo!! I just don´t like Owen and Christina , I just think that Owen should be with Teddy . Christina and Owen just doesn´t have the RIGHT chemistry , I mean they have sex a lot on the show but I just don´t think they are a beliveble couple in the end . I can compare with MerDer who wasn´t together and still were hot togheter and they have that speciall chemistry . It would be so much more interesting to see Meredith have a baby than Christina but hey that´s just my opinion. Looove Greys btw :)


ONG!!! A child that looks like Owen and Christina....Ewwww Barf!!!! A child that looks like Jackson and Christina. Now that would be a pretty child!!!!!


About the C/O/T triangle: yawn. It's like Mer/Der/Addie all over again. With PTSD, which I'm assuming it's the reason that things get complicated. Hunt isn't cured. Oh well... As for the baby-discussion. It's something that both PD and now KMK have been wanting babies for their characters and respective partners. Are you listening SR? My take on it, is that yes, it's something that has to be dealt with. I know SR intended to create powerful women and blah blah blah, but powerful women also can be mothers. Even Ellis said it, giving birth to a child doesn't make them less of powerful women, just mothers. Given that MerDer are already on that path, I'm ok if we never see the baby, but they have to have this discussion some day. It seems OOC, especially from Derek, that they aren't thinking of that. I can see that, assuming that PD and EP leave in S8, we see Mer's pregnancy through S8 and the birth on the SF, see them deal with the becoming parents issue. I think it can be brilliant to be the ultimate parallel between Mer and Ellis. Full circle. Mer's story ends on GA. As for O/C, not once, has Cristina expressed desire of becoming a mother. Even 'not into babies' Mer has told Derek about their 'cute kids' (5x14). So yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath about this. And if they do get a baby, before MerDer, there is going to be some serious backlash on this. Sorry for the long ramble.


OMG! Meredith and Cristina preggers at the same time?!?! that would be epic:D

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