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cristina can still get pergnant if she had a miscarriage..

omg, so cute if mer and cristina got pregnant the same time lol cuuutteee


I also be okay with it as a storyline for the end of the show. Not now.


I'd be OK with it as, like, a series finale. But Grey's is all about sex and love and poor decisions so it'd kind of throw a wrench in that whole vibe...


Dude Mer and Cristina should not be pregnant on the show. Them as mommies= eww. Neither fit the good parent discription and Grey's Anatomy is just not, and should not, be a family show!


Oh man... I really hope this isn't just the beginning of the love triangle between Owen, Cristina, and Teddy. I'm so over it; but then again I was over it before it really began! I love Grey's Anatomy but they over use the love triangle story line! They need to get back to the deeper, more meaningful story line for Owen... his PTSD. They've just kind of dropped that, haven't they?


ilovepattyd: an owenstina baby, in my opinion, would be disgusting. merder baby, cute. but owenstina, not so much

comments like that should just be kept to yourself...


It probably wont happen but mer and cristina pregnant at the same time would be hilarious and it cute if it did happen


Mer and Cris preggie at the same time! Haha. It'd be hell for Owen and Derek, though. xD But it'd be sad that Cristina might not want babies anymore or can't because of her ectopic pregnancy. =( But, imagine Mer and Cris pregnant at the same time. =D


Cristina had an ectopic pregnancy that burst a Fallopian tube. She still has another one, which I would think renders her still able to bear children, but even if she couldn't have them naturally she could do IVF or something if they really wanted.


Christina can't have babies because of her miscarriage...

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