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Where the hell is Iz? It's ridiculous, I especially hate when she comes back for one episode, wrecks Alex and Merediths plots, then walks off again at the end. I heart KH, but her tv persona is seriously annoying.
The Mercy West residents are awful, maybe keep the sleezy knock off of Alex, and that cutesie doctor that Derek re-hired, after that let the roof collapse and give Christina OR time.
Where the hell was Eric Dane and Kevin Mc Kidd, and Patrick Dempsey was just sitting there??? If they loose these great (and hot) actors it's completely GA's fault. Have more Teddy/Christina/Owen, bring the pregnant Sloane back and by some sort of miracle bring Kate Walsh back too, maybe to deliver the baby premature and stay for a while and then her and Mark do long distance relationship, with Mark as daddy?
This episode did nothing except give us back Dr. Webber, which could have happened in any episode.
So pointless!


I didn't think this episode was good at all. I don't think the past few have been good. This was just a lame filler. This season has no great story lines! It's sort of just going through the motions. I know Katherine Heigl was going to miss a few episodes for filming a movie but have you guys totally written her off? She def. adds to the show and should be back. Boring episode.


It was okay but a bit disjointed. It's hard to believe that Alex slept with Callie and no one knew. Callie is not in with the five original interns until she meets George and starts sleeping with him. I like more of a story line for Patrick Dempsey. He's the reason I watch this show. The young Ellis and Richard characters were bad actors and not believable.


love this episode! i have been so dissapointed with the past couple of episodes because it was lacking the "heart" that greys stories was known for and i loved during the previous seasons. now, with this episode, it managed to capture my interest and became involved with the characters again.kudos to the writers!


Ellis not a bitch at all, but a woman with balls of steel, and a crappy mother. If she would've found a man's man that man would've put her in her place and told her to be a better mother or he was going to take Meredith away from her. I bet if Thatcher had done that, she would've been a better mother to Meredith.



Oh, I remember now reading that he'd be in that. Thanks.


anuflas - ED was off filming a movie with Kristen Bell called Burlesque



I don't even think Arizona was a bit jealous, she just seemed kind of amused.
They should've used the original actos (come on, can't they do just ANYTHING these days with make up and all?! They made a man without a face, for g*d sake!!)

Couldn't agree with you more on either issue. I think Arizona's pretty secure with herself and their relationship, the plot only thickened a bit.
Sarah Paulson = not Ellis Grey. Sorry, SP fans.


Callie: "OMG I'm gonna hurl again."
Arizona: "Please don't, cause I just got the last of the puke out of your hair."
Okay, is this gross or is this love... of is this maybe both?! ;-)

Come on, the one night stand happened like 4 or 5 (!!) years ago, big deal. I don't even think Arizona was a bit jealous, she seemed kind of amused ("okay, that one thing I didn't know about you").

I liked this storyline most, cause it happened in a time we know and reminded me of those days (with the basement and everything).

The Bailey-storyline was nice, the history as well as the stagepart. Loved the 'lose the smile'-scene!
Hated the doctor (and actor) who was bossing her around, she was just to ugly for tv - no offence...

Didn't really care about the 80ies flashbacks, had the feeling I was looking at some strangers. This just wasn't Ellis Grey! They should've used the original actors (come on, can't they do just ANYTHING these days with make up and all?! They made a man without a face, for g*d sake!!)

Nice ep... and now: back to normal!!


anuflas “PD and ED were busy with VD” is hilarious! Thanks!

I miss them too and Owen! At least we had the dashing Dr. McDreamy at the end!!! But always not enough!

McIntern “why can she have compassion for a stranger when she rebuffs her own daughter so casually?” Exactly what I thought at that scene. I can understand she had to be hard to be taken serious at work. I can’t stand her being a bad mother because of work, or because her lover didn’t left his wife and she blamed Meredith. I’m saying again: people like and Ellis, and Cristina if she didn’t change, destroys other people’s life.

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
Bailey: If I have to stand here, you have to listen.

2. The flashback-heavy episode: A unique change of pace or a boring filler??
Boring. Should have been done with some other normal hospital scenes. A mixed.

3. React to Callie and Alex having slept together.
The Intern Alex wasn’t sweet or friendly or even a good surgeon in Season 1and 2. The flashback wasn’t accurate for me. No problem about they sleeping together though.

4. Should Miranda go back to the braids?
Of course not!

5. Ellis Grey: A big bitch or the biggest bitch?
She didn’t deserve to be a mother. That’s all.

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