Grey's Anatomy Scoop on Katherine Heigl, Alex's Brother & More

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There's been plenty of drama to keep us occupied in her absence, but with the second half of the season in full swing, Grey's Anatomy fans are wondering about Katherine Heigl.

What is her status? Is she ever returning to the show? When she is back, will she just leave at the end of the season? According to EW, she’s due back on set later this month.

That means we probably won’t see Izzie again until late April, and coincidentally, that’s right around the time a new, special patient will check into Seattle Grace: Alex’s brother.

Sources say Grey’s Anatomy is currently casting the role of Karev’s estranged sibling - the first member of the character's supposedly troubled family we will meet in six seasons.

Izzie and Alex Reunite

The next round of Izzie-Alex drama should be particularly interesting.

There's some ugly family history, from what we've gathered, including an abusive dad, and it will be fun to see the character of Alex (one of our recent favorites) further explored.

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy comings and goings, the Mercy West residents look to be sticking around ... well, at least some of them. One will definitely not be back next season.

A source says one of the four newbies introduced earlier in the year has already received his/her walking papers from the show and will exit SGMWH before the end of the season.

Any idea which one it is? Thought's on Izzie's (latest) return?

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i want izzy back, back with alex if possible ....and i also want more derek and meredith ...


I can't wait for Izzie to come back. She is my favorite. I want to take care of Alex for awhile. Merideth and Derick do need a wedding. Bailey could use some romance in her life. I want the Chief to be the chief again.


OMG, finally we get to meet someone from alex familiy!
this will be sooo interesting!
i'm so excited:) and izzie is coming back! yeah! :) its about time that A/I get back together and work on their relationship! and dont forget the babies in the cup ;)


Jake McLaughlin is going to appear in episode 19 as Alex Karev's younger brother, he gets admitted into hospital and Izzie makes an appearance as well. The episode won't be aired until April.


Oops just watched the episode with Derek's sister Nancy in it and it wasn't Katherine it was Kathleen. Derek states to Nancy that Kathleen is the shrink in the family and told her to go back to Connecticut. We have met Cristina's mum, how about bringing in Cristina's stepfather, Cristina said in season 3 that her stepfather was nice. I don't think the eye colour should be an issue, the actress playing the part of young Ellis Grey overall looked like Meredith's mother and how standoffish she was with young Meredith just showed the kind of relationship she had with her mother. I thought the episode was that great, it think they should make regular ones to teach the interns, residents and attendings about past cases. Young Mandy Bailey was so adorable, and Missi Pyle should come back as a regular in the flashbacks, right up until Bailey becomes the nazi.


I am happy izzie is returning to the show and i can't wait to see it too. Alex's brother coming on the show all i have to say is about time we finally meet someone from the karev clan. I can't wait to see how alex and izzie get back together.


I'm soooo happy that Izzie's coming back! I loved her funny and warm character. Besides, Katherine Heigl is my favourite actress all the way. She is a great comedian and generally a very good actress. I hope that with her return we'll get some more stable situation between her and Alex and everyone else. It's just so confusing and, in fact, tiring, to not know whether she'll stay or not and with what effect.
To be honest, I liked GA much more before this season. Now it's getting more and more hackneyed and people are given strange nonsense storylines or none at all. The time when I was watching GA used to be my favourite of the whole week. And now? I hardly even remember what happened the previous week, because it's all either cliche (like people sleeping with EVERYONE, is there even a character that hasn't slept with at least 3 people? except for the older ones?) or too twisted. Wish it was again like season 3 or 4.


I'm supper excited and Happy that Izzie is coming back. Without her GA hasn't been the same. I love her character. I hope she stays for good. I don't want more people to leave. If she leaves, I'll probily not see it anymore. Just because Izzie and Alex were what made me want to see GA. What made me love Grey's Anatomy. Love Izzie! On to the Alex's brother. I'm excited about this story. It's about time to see a family member from his life and maybe we will get to see more of how his life was. I wonder if his brother is going to be Hot? Is he a good guy or jackass? Why does he go to Seatle Grace? As to Alex and Izzie. I love them together, but to be together they have to work their problems with time. Maybe his brother coming will help their relationship. Atleast make them be a little closer. I would love to see them work things out and be together and happy like MerDer. After almost 5 seasons they got their happiness. I want that for Izzie and Alex, but maybe in less time. Hahah. Overall, I'm very happy about Izzie coming back. YAY!!!!! As well as Alex's brother. AND maybe a reconcile or the 1st step to it for Izzie and Alex. Hope and Excitement.


first of all I guess anuflas was absolutly right. & I am pretty happy to hear a cast member leaving the show. (especially someone we're not gonna miss because whe hardly know him/her) Like superbutterfly7 said, this show is overcrowded.
I just said that IS either has to leave with a plausible reason, or come back and make it up for what she's done. I know she's a very fan loved character so it's kind of said that she is isn't there anymore. I somehow preferred most of the other female characters over her so I can't say I'm sad about her missing. And except a few tvshows (like friends or gilmore girls etc), it is usual that characters leave to make room for others. It's not a concept I like but that's the way of going. I wished GA would end next season or so, not because I don't like GA (then I wouldn't watch it right? =) It's just that it's markable, that the authors are changing the original storylines in order to create more episode. & this is what ruins shows.
Oh & finally we get to know more about Alex' past. Have been wondering about that since he talked to a patient in S2 about it.


Isn't it weird that last night's show showed a young Elis Grey with brown eyes? Hm. The older one had blue. Anyone else catch that?

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