Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: "Valentine's Day Massacre"

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In the first sneak peek at this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Valentine's Day Massacre," Bailey gets asked out on a date by her hunky anesthesiologist colleague!

Bailey responds by being Bailey, of course, and awkwardly saying she has surgeries ... or more specifically, that she is "always" in surgery. Not too far from the truth.

The resident lesbians overhead this, however, and aren't going to let Bailey weasel out of this opportunity. Check out Arizona and Callie giving Miranda a good-natured razzing:

[video url="" title="Valentine's Day Massacre Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

What do you think? Will she accept his offer? Click here for a photo gallery from the episode for more clues about this and other plot lines. More sneak peeks to come!

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yeah but it doesnt say lesbian residents... it says resident lesbians... its just a figure of speech, if they had said resident pretty girlfriends... well that would just sound funny, it would sound like they are afraid to say the word lesbian. Lesbian is not an insult its just a fact... i mean i am and i didnt take it offensively... so idk..


alyssasag, I appreciate the explanations. But when I read "lesbian residents" , I felt uncomfortable. First for residents, incorrect. Second for lesbians what seemed like a stamp. If Callie and Arizona were not gay surely these words were not used: "straight residents", or would be? When need have to mention them again better say: pretty girlfriends or ladies couple (like a Sloan). Nice, yeh? Thanks again.


Hey guys, I just found other sneak previews...dunno if you already discovered them:
The first one is hilarious, Mark is hitting on a blonde doctor but then she turns around and its Lexie of course...:)) The second one is about Sloane...and adoption.


I think we're going to be stuck with the MW docs. I think Avery is being given a higher profile than the others. The fact he's a good looking man has gained him fans.
The others well they'll probably replace the other 3rd tier cast who were the equivilent of last seasons interns. I just hope that MerDer CrisOw etc don't give up screen time for the MWers


I didn't realise that Adele had actually left Webber, so no wife, no job unless the board approve his return, no surgeries and his friend now has his job. Not an awful lot going for Webber, will he able to sober up cos there's a photo of him looking very folorn again


i think you misunderstood what it says, believe me i would be the first to jump down somebody's throat for dissin callie and arizona. what they said is resident lesbians... meaning basically they are the lesbians of the hospital although youre right in that callie is bisexual. i dont think they intended it in an offensive way in the least bit, and we all know there is much more to them than their orientation it is one of the things i love about their relationship on grey's the fact that they are girl on girl doesnt come up every 30 seconds.


Lesbian residents?!! Seriously?! Who? Not Callie much less Arizona are residents. Both are attendants. yes, they are lesbians, or rather, Arizona is lesbian and Callie is bissuxual. But they are more than just that. Why not say pretty and optimistic, for exemple?


awesome! thanks for posting, glad there is lots of callie in this episode. but i agree with dutchy the timing in the elevator is just off... hmm haha


I LOVE Callie and Arizona (and Sara and Jessica), but this is some seriously lousy acting - their timing is totally wrong. :D Thank god it's funny! ;) Can't wait for the new ep!

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