Heroes Review: It's Finally Over!

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For months on end, season four of Heroes has caused us nothing but anger and anguish. It's been an abysmal, illogical, slow-developing series of episodes.

But we were finally able to laugh out loud at the conclusion of this week's episode, which revolved around Claire and HRG fighting. Yes, again. If that doesn't get your heart-racing for another season of this show, nothing will!

Before I get to my review, allow me to ask, in all caps no less: WHY WAS THIS VOLUME TITLED "REDEMPTION?!?" WHO WAS REDEEMED? Or, as is most likely the case, did the writers simply forget this was the title as early as the second half hour of the season?

Overall, "Brave New World" was simply weak and uneventful.

As always, it was filled with utterly random actions - hi, Tracy, thanks for stopping by out of nowhere, slithering through mud and disappearing again! - and storylines with no exciting pay-off. But more than anything, it was simply... there.

Samuel in Command

There was no suspense and no emotional attachment to anything going on. There was nothing especially awful about the hour, but nothing remotely season finale worthy, either.

Seriously, did anyone think HRG was gonna die? Did anyone feel as though the carnival storyline had a worthy conclusion, when Samuel's people simply walked away because a of couple people said so... and then Samuel squared off with Peter for six seconds, a character that was involved in an entirely separate storyline for the duration of the season?

Nothing could compare with the utter nonsense of Hiro, of course. Let's review his arc from season four:

  • He came down with a brain tumor as a result of time traveling.
  • It was magically cured because he had a dream.
  • His true love was sent away by Samuel, ignored for numerous weeks, and then showed up again on the same hospital floor as Hiro, following his nonsensical cure.
  • She's now an old woman with a family because Samuel sent her back to the 1940s, so Hiro said goodbye and... that was it.

We know the economy is poor and we don't wish harm on anyone - but every person associated with Hiro's storyline should be fired immediately.

The show created two supposedly pressing issues for the character (a brain tumor and an abducted girlfriend) and solved each by simply, literally making crap up. We'll have his dead mother kiss him in a fantasy! We'll have Charlie appear in the same hospital as an older woman!

It's legitimately incomprehensible that the show's producers have jobs.

If anyone was inspired by this episode to be psyched for a fifth season, we'd love to hear from you.

Was it Hayden Panettiere's terrible acting that roped you in? Ando's ability, which can seemingly be used for whatever is most convenient at the time? The mystery of Sylar, who was bad, then suddenly wanted to be good, especially after he was stuck in a dream for what felt like five years and is now - as that profound, dynamite quote of his revealed - a hero?

A couple questions about Samuel, meanwhile, are worth asking:

  1. Why did he ever give Claire a compass to begin with? Or play games with her and HRG's past? If the guy was such a monster, why not just kill HRG?
  2. If his ex-girlfriend hadn't rejected him... would the show have simply canceled the final few episodes? As noted previously, he never had any actual plan until he got dumped.

Think about how the carnival storyline played out: Samuel told everyone they had to show the world what they could do, and everyone agreed. Edgar and Eli then showed up and told everyone else something different... and they agreed. And that was it. That was actually the way this season's major plot wrapped up.

These carnival folk are more gullible than Sarah Palin supporters.

We scarcely have the energy at this point to go on about all the negative aspects of this show, so let's leave it at this: it's boring. It's painfully, painfully boring.

Please, NBC, you've caused Conan O'Brien and his followers enough pain. We beseech you: don't torture the rest of us by keeping this show on the air.


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What the hell. I used to love coming to this site for news on Heroes. But now all I read is the bitching of some person with only a middle school education. If you don't like the show, get the f*ck gone! Seriously. This all used to be on HeroesFanatic.com and now it's turned into a pissing match to see who can be the biggest bitch about heroes. Go the FUCK away already!


You know, maybe you should let someone else review it for a change. You never EVER look at any of the positives. And to me you seem like a very literal person. The dream sequence was meant to be METAPHORICAL. For someone who's meant to write a review, you should really hone up on your literary skills. Didn't you notice the fact that Hiro went into surgery? Or were you too busy thinking up another way to say "I don't like it." There's been a lot of redemption throughout the volume, you just have to be able to look a bit further than you obviously can. This wasn't the strongest episode or finale heroes has had, yes I'll admit, but it is one of the best episodes, and this volume has been of the same standard as the first one. As someone who obviously doesn't like the show, maybe you should pass the job over to someone a little less rude, someone who can actually look at more than just plot and the including of characters and can see more depth to the show.


I have two thoughts: 1. The reviewer made some good points, but needs to back off a little. Some people do not analyze every single little detail to death while watching. Some people just use a little imagination and go with it. 2. The reviewer should refrain from making his/her political views known. This isn't a political review, it's an entertainment review. I think the comment made was in very poor taste and was very immature. I'm sure you're thinking I'm a Palin fan...sorry, I'm not.


I really do still feel like Heroes can be saved. I enjoy the show (although I mostly enjoy how ridiculous it gets) and still watch it, but I definitely think its been rapidly declining. I think they need to kill off Claire (come on, people, treat her like a vampire and go with the standard decapitation+cremation - why has no one on the show thought of this?), because, frankly, Panettiere is a terrible actress. I was surprised to discover that I actually liked her lesbian girlfriend/roommate (although I rather hoped it would turn out she had powers or something, and that Samuel was using Claire to get to her).
To fix it, they should get some actual, exciting storylines. I mean, we need to fear for our characters' lives here, not just wonder about some random people wandering around central park. They need to have some character development in someone who isn't Sylar (since, apparently, he's the only character on Heroes who is capable of change). They should go back to the comic books and make it fun to watch again.
Also, Hiro needs a girlfriend who doesn't die or get stuck back in time or otherwise leave him. He needs a real girlfriend who stays with him, because it just isn't fair how often he gets abandoned. Oh, and in the show's defense, if you're looking for reasonable, well-explained storylines, then maybe you shouldn't be watching a show about people with magic powers, like the ability to teleport or stop time. I'm just sayin', is all.


There are two HUGE glaring problems with the finale. The first is about Samuel. We see him kill his brother with rock projectiles...with only two specials nearby. We see him sink a mansion...with NO specials nearby. Then he sinks a town of two hundred people again with NO specials nearby. But in the season finale, he couldn't kill a small crowd of people with his ENTIRE family there backstage? And when they vanished he became powerless and helpless even though there were four specials still at the fair at that time!?!?!?!? Second is Claire's decision to to show the world he truth. Anybody else remember how Nathan tried to do the same thing...and dark Peter from the future caem back and shot him? Or does anyone recall the fact that every dark future they have seen has been a result of the public knowing the secret!? Well apparentl Claire doesn't. It would seem she has no issue with this dark future, as her completely unlogical choice to openly just show off her gift to the world would indicate as much. (Plus...when Lydia was dying from being shot...why didn't Claire use her blood to save the only witness to Jeseph's death? Jusssst saying.) ML House is on point with everything he says. a more logical ending would have been to let Samuel WIN. The heroes try but fail to stop his plan to kill the crowd. This way it's SAMUEL'S fault that the dark future they all want to prevent is coming to pass. It also makes Samue the persistant baddy for the next season. He sould be the egnimatic leader of the "bad guys" much like Magneto was from x-men. At least that would be LOGICAL. And to mention a real twist. House, I'd love to hear your opinion on all of the above, hah.


If there's one thing worth looking forward to next season, it will be the riddance of the 4 season long Noah and Claire "i want to be a hero/i want to keep you safe and hide you" argument. I REALLY hope that they take it in a different direction after this season. I'd personally like to see some of the future variables come into effect, such as Peter Petrelli the scarfaced fugitive. I think it would be a good idea to make Peter a bit of a tough guy. Season 1 pretty much evolved around him and all we have been treated to since then is a constant stream of bad decisions and "who am i, what am i meant to do" Please Mr Kring, NO new characters. No more "i don't know who i am, what does this mean" etc. More story, more action, and more relevance please.


However, "Who was redeemed" is a damn good question. Sylar is the only character who got redeemed, and he had close to nothing to do with the main plot until the end of the season. It sounds like the writers flip flopped on the story again. There was probably more redemption planned... But Tim Kring has said that they only plan a few episodes in advance, and alter the story to appease themselves, fans, and NBC. Absolutely ridiculous...


I'd like to point out that Ando's power was originally introduced as super charging other people's abilities back in season 3, and then that ability also developed into... zapping stuff... later on. So, yeah. Not a plot hole.


thank you foir ruining the last episode i thought it was alri. lacking a bit of imagination i wanted to see new york explode. the next storyline will be great if thyey run with them revealing them selves to the world it could be all out war hehe cant wait!


what a crappy review.
its like ur just giving a review and not even watched the show.?
SERIOUSLY. -,-! HEROES is still in the air!

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