Heroes Review: It's Finally Over!

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For months on end, season four of Heroes has caused us nothing but anger and anguish. It's been an abysmal, illogical, slow-developing series of episodes.

But we were finally able to laugh out loud at the conclusion of this week's episode, which revolved around Claire and HRG fighting. Yes, again. If that doesn't get your heart-racing for another season of this show, nothing will!

Before I get to my review, allow me to ask, in all caps no less: WHY WAS THIS VOLUME TITLED "REDEMPTION?!?" WHO WAS REDEEMED? Or, as is most likely the case, did the writers simply forget this was the title as early as the second half hour of the season?

Overall, "Brave New World" was simply weak and uneventful.

As always, it was filled with utterly random actions - hi, Tracy, thanks for stopping by out of nowhere, slithering through mud and disappearing again! - and storylines with no exciting pay-off. But more than anything, it was simply... there.

Samuel in Command

There was no suspense and no emotional attachment to anything going on. There was nothing especially awful about the hour, but nothing remotely season finale worthy, either.

Seriously, did anyone think HRG was gonna die? Did anyone feel as though the carnival storyline had a worthy conclusion, when Samuel's people simply walked away because a of couple people said so... and then Samuel squared off with Peter for six seconds, a character that was involved in an entirely separate storyline for the duration of the season?

Nothing could compare with the utter nonsense of Hiro, of course. Let's review his arc from season four:

  • He came down with a brain tumor as a result of time traveling.
  • It was magically cured because he had a dream.
  • His true love was sent away by Samuel, ignored for numerous weeks, and then showed up again on the same hospital floor as Hiro, following his nonsensical cure.
  • She's now an old woman with a family because Samuel sent her back to the 1940s, so Hiro said goodbye and... that was it.

We know the economy is poor and we don't wish harm on anyone - but every person associated with Hiro's storyline should be fired immediately.

The show created two supposedly pressing issues for the character (a brain tumor and an abducted girlfriend) and solved each by simply, literally making crap up. We'll have his dead mother kiss him in a fantasy! We'll have Charlie appear in the same hospital as an older woman!

It's legitimately incomprehensible that the show's producers have jobs.

If anyone was inspired by this episode to be psyched for a fifth season, we'd love to hear from you.

Was it Hayden Panettiere's terrible acting that roped you in? Ando's ability, which can seemingly be used for whatever is most convenient at the time? The mystery of Sylar, who was bad, then suddenly wanted to be good, especially after he was stuck in a dream for what felt like five years and is now - as that profound, dynamite quote of his revealed - a hero?

A couple questions about Samuel, meanwhile, are worth asking:

  1. Why did he ever give Claire a compass to begin with? Or play games with her and HRG's past? If the guy was such a monster, why not just kill HRG?
  2. If his ex-girlfriend hadn't rejected him... would the show have simply canceled the final few episodes? As noted previously, he never had any actual plan until he got dumped.

Think about how the carnival storyline played out: Samuel told everyone they had to show the world what they could do, and everyone agreed. Edgar and Eli then showed up and told everyone else something different... and they agreed. And that was it. That was actually the way this season's major plot wrapped up.

These carnival folk are more gullible than Sarah Palin supporters.

We scarcely have the energy at this point to go on about all the negative aspects of this show, so let's leave it at this: it's boring. It's painfully, painfully boring.

Please, NBC, you've caused Conan O'Brien and his followers enough pain. We beseech you: don't torture the rest of us by keeping this show on the air.


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I must say M. L. House. Normally I would disagree with you on some aspect of the show. But the atrocity of this episode absolutely killed me. I'm a huge fan of heroes. But this was absolutely without a doubt the worst episode ever. Not in just the series. But I mean ever. Completely awful. It makes me want to never watch again. But whenever heroes returns I will come back faithfully just to see how they play this out.


Very disappointing. I was astonished when I learned this was intended as the finale. Really? This season really was a mess - too many subplots, too many characters, and too much unconvincing drama. Oh no, Hiro is going to die, how absolutely dreadful. Yawn. Every time one of the main characters is going to kick the bucket and has a big emotional farewell, they end up being saved, rescued with time travel, rewritten as another character, or just plain not dying when they should have. Ali Larter, what the hell? Cold Snap's freeze scene was one of the most stunning deaths in the entire series, and they hand-wave her back in? It just makes everything have so much less emotional impact to keep doing this shit. It's a Soap Opera. Just sad. I'd like to see them try another season, sure, because I like this sort of setting, and maybe they can do better. Claire's reveal, however irritatingly childish, has potential if they forget about trying to fight it and take the show in a new direction (Ha!) But I don't think it's going to happen.


first of all...yes i will agree that this season lacked a few things but to say that it was a complete waste of time is bullshit on the reviewers part...there is potential int he characters to get better next season this season was rock bottom and if the network agrees to a 5th season they will get better because now everything is changed and secondly i say fu to anybody who says that this whole entire show is crap


is there another site out there cause this sight is lame and the guy who runs it is a herb.


yes a whole 6 second fight with Samuel, and the he goes to jail? come on i wanted to see them fight the man that was suposedly a very powerful person. how boring so depressed. he went to jail omg.


So I do not hate heroes. Nor do i love it as much as I used to. I really wish there were more to the final episode...something big that would leave us excited for next season you know? I felt like there was no reason for this episode. Highly disappointing. Although I do kind of hope for one more season...just to have some closure.


if you hate heroes so much, why the hell you bother to write about it... you think you're so cool? well guess what, i'm sure lots of people don't like you anymore, i'd rather watch a bad show than being a person that anybody likes.... actually, i'm sure there are more people who like heroes more than people who will ever like YOU... you should be nicer, seriously, you're just another annoying person in the world...


My favorite part was when Hiro wanted to teleport everyone away from the carnival. He didn't have enough power to do so. Then, Ando came in and said "Let us supercharge!". Amazing.


A very anti-climatic end to the season. Was there any doubt to what would happen? Honestly, I was waiting for some of the main characters to be killed off, but of course nothing really exciting happened. Here's what I expect for the next season:
1. Because of the budget, most characters from this season will be written off.
2. Because of the budget, not alot of special effects.
3. Sylar will either lose all his powers or become evil again.
4. The HRG and Claire bickering will take up 50% of the episodes.


I think how the show telling us the side story via Graphic Novel is a problem.
I mean, Had anyone ever wonder where the hell is Hannah after two appearance on season one? (I found out by chance (one year later) that her story was wrapped up via GN :/)
The same problem goes for Tracy story.
@Writer- If you dont have time to conclude the story for the character on screen, dont write them in the first place. Overall i like the season finale, (i might get bashed saying this :)) well, apart from Samuel's Grand plan-which was never actually grand. I like how Claire demonstrate her power (yeah, i know it 's out of nowhere-like you point out) bring me back to season one.
@MLhouse: Maybe my problem (if you may call) is i just enjoy wathcing this show's character interaction. I dont pay much attention to the hole or story line, (Though i totally agree on every plot hole you point out, but not to the same degree) I am maybe too naive, but i find it is my way of enjoying this train wreck as you call it. :) If i were to write Heroes, I would introduce viewers some prophecy of X (or more) disasters after season one that await our heroes ( Each disaster for each season and blowing NY is just a small one). The viewers get to know the Shady Company each season pass... blah blah,....
well, Last paragraph is just my rant to show how i love this show.

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