Heroes Review: It's Finally Over!

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For months on end, season four of Heroes has caused us nothing but anger and anguish. It's been an abysmal, illogical, slow-developing series of episodes.

But we were finally able to laugh out loud at the conclusion of this week's episode, which revolved around Claire and HRG fighting. Yes, again. If that doesn't get your heart-racing for another season of this show, nothing will!

Before I get to my review, allow me to ask, in all caps no less: WHY WAS THIS VOLUME TITLED "REDEMPTION?!?" WHO WAS REDEEMED? Or, as is most likely the case, did the writers simply forget this was the title as early as the second half hour of the season?

Overall, "Brave New World" was simply weak and uneventful.

As always, it was filled with utterly random actions - hi, Tracy, thanks for stopping by out of nowhere, slithering through mud and disappearing again! - and storylines with no exciting pay-off. But more than anything, it was simply... there.

Samuel in Command

There was no suspense and no emotional attachment to anything going on. There was nothing especially awful about the hour, but nothing remotely season finale worthy, either.

Seriously, did anyone think HRG was gonna die? Did anyone feel as though the carnival storyline had a worthy conclusion, when Samuel's people simply walked away because a of couple people said so... and then Samuel squared off with Peter for six seconds, a character that was involved in an entirely separate storyline for the duration of the season?

Nothing could compare with the utter nonsense of Hiro, of course. Let's review his arc from season four:

  • He came down with a brain tumor as a result of time traveling.
  • It was magically cured because he had a dream.
  • His true love was sent away by Samuel, ignored for numerous weeks, and then showed up again on the same hospital floor as Hiro, following his nonsensical cure.
  • She's now an old woman with a family because Samuel sent her back to the 1940s, so Hiro said goodbye and... that was it.

We know the economy is poor and we don't wish harm on anyone - but every person associated with Hiro's storyline should be fired immediately.

The show created two supposedly pressing issues for the character (a brain tumor and an abducted girlfriend) and solved each by simply, literally making crap up. We'll have his dead mother kiss him in a fantasy! We'll have Charlie appear in the same hospital as an older woman!

It's legitimately incomprehensible that the show's producers have jobs.

If anyone was inspired by this episode to be psyched for a fifth season, we'd love to hear from you.

Was it Hayden Panettiere's terrible acting that roped you in? Ando's ability, which can seemingly be used for whatever is most convenient at the time? The mystery of Sylar, who was bad, then suddenly wanted to be good, especially after he was stuck in a dream for what felt like five years and is now - as that profound, dynamite quote of his revealed - a hero?

A couple questions about Samuel, meanwhile, are worth asking:

  1. Why did he ever give Claire a compass to begin with? Or play games with her and HRG's past? If the guy was such a monster, why not just kill HRG?
  2. If his ex-girlfriend hadn't rejected him... would the show have simply canceled the final few episodes? As noted previously, he never had any actual plan until he got dumped.

Think about how the carnival storyline played out: Samuel told everyone they had to show the world what they could do, and everyone agreed. Edgar and Eli then showed up and told everyone else something different... and they agreed. And that was it. That was actually the way this season's major plot wrapped up.

These carnival folk are more gullible than Sarah Palin supporters.

We scarcely have the energy at this point to go on about all the negative aspects of this show, so let's leave it at this: it's boring. It's painfully, painfully boring.

Please, NBC, you've caused Conan O'Brien and his followers enough pain. We beseech you: don't torture the rest of us by keeping this show on the air.


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@Derek: You can't really blame anyone for falling asleep during the last few episodes.


I agree that this season - and the whole show in general - has opened up several story lines that never really concluded (I'm still confused about the whole internment camp with Angela Petrelli, but maybe that's just me) or characters who's fate wasn't even attempted at being explained (like Rebel). But overall I like the show, they have had different villains and the whole point of this show is to show the development of people with abilities in a normal world. Of course things aren't going to move fast. That would be unrealistic. I'm not a huge fan of this season, but I think there was a lot of development for certain characters. I have never minded HRG and Claire's relationship with each other and if anything the last two episodes have showed them NOT fighting and that Claire and HRG actually love each other. But they have always come from different angles so obviously they are going to fight. It's like being a Republican and Democrat. It won't change and that's the point. I thought the ending was brilliant and I'm so excited that we're going to move beyond the "OMG WHAT IF THEY FIND OUT ABOUT US? OMGWTFBBQ!" that has basically dominated the last 4 years. We need to move away from that, if anything. I'm surprised no one tried to stop her, but at the same time I think it would have been inevitable, and there also wouldn't have been a way to stop her without showing *someone's* ability (i.e. Hiro transporting her away). I hope they renew for a 5th season because I think we'll finally get some new ideas and adventures. And I am SO GLAD Sylar is not a villain anymore because seriously, that was what I hated about the first season. It was heroes trying to stop Sylar for 22 episodes! Did no one get bored with that plot?


This has been a crappy season, but it feels as if you didn't pay attention to the last few episodes at all, because some of your comments are downright idiotic.


Most of the time I write calmly and try to be righteous about the show, but this episode has made even me furious. To think I've spent many hours on watching this season to find out what's gonna happen in the end is painful. I can't believe this was the season finale. I mean what new did we learn in this episode we haven't known yet?
NOTHING. At least Matt should've tried harder to be mean with Sylar, or Samuel should've made a better plan. Honestly how could I be so naive, to think that with his extraordinary power he'll wipe out NYC? (Which would be the logical step from bury a smaller city)
How could I think for even just a moment that Claire will act normally and HRG will die?
Truth is; with this episode I feel as if the writers made fun of us. They showed us all the little pieces of the upcoming events and were laughing because they knew that nothing will happen, but at the same time some true fans will be wondering about the upcoming events and came up with better ideas as themselves. But no, in the end the shit is being shown. Thank you writers, I've had enough. Last week I believed a 5th season could be awesome, but now I just want to forget about this whole show. And as for the still remaining fans; good luck with wanting the show to be alive.
One more thing: how come the 6th chapter is about exactly the same thing as the 3rd and 4th? Haven't we already seen what the effect of revealing heroes' powers is? I mean come on, last time Peter came back from future to stop his brother by shooting him in the heart. Now what? This time Peter will talk out Claire of this? Hilarious. I just hoped that maybe a new and very powerful enemy would show up, but in default of this, I guess I'll just give up on the show.


I dont disagree with SOME of the points made...i am simply saying that if you dont like it then dont watch it...and if you are going to review it then be fair and don't ruin it for the people that actually DO enjoy it (which i think, as this forum has proved) there are a lot of us...


Really, I loved the first season as much as the next person and stuck it out maintaining my hope for a return to form all the way up until last night. Anyone who is denying any of the points the author is making simply hasn't watched the whole season. Not a single story wrapped up with a fulfilling conclusion, Tracy seemingly turns Claire and Noah into water and then disappears again for whatever reason. We don't get a single power demonstration from Sylar aside from a very cheesy looking drop onto the floor by Eli and Doyle is suddenly poweful enough to control Sylar when Claire was just commenting that he was weaker a few episodes ago? This show is just full of ideas that never really go anywhere, the tattoo on Peter's arm and the fact that he seemingly had Samuel's power the whole time without knowing it? This show is done.


It was awsome, just accept it. If you don't like the show, then don't watch it. Your not in the characters or the storyline. Stop wasting your time making these stupid reviews :)


Yeah i agree that if the reviews are so dead set again the show then they have no business reviewing it. I understand they have to review everything but for god sake get someone else because this ML House person isnt thinking objectively at all anymore. We all know that this season wasnt great, had its weak points, in short could have been better...SO WHAT!! we (fans of heroes) still loved it! i think that the die hard fans on this site are proving that we dont mind that much...we are invested in these characters and want to see where they end up and honestly guys a few plots holes and some crappy writing isnt going to make me like Hiro any less. Yeah tracy's storyline (or lack of) sucked balls this season, but i still love Ali Larter, the cryokinetic power and the character in general. What I (and apparently other die hard fans) dont like is some idiot with a website blog bashing our show every week. Personally i come to this site for spoilers and to see what some people think of shows, and the first scathing review or two i was with them and said "everyone is entitled to their opinion". But enough guys....we get it...you hate Heroes...now jsut let the rest of us enjoy it...


They should have let Samuel just run of with his Brotherhood and start a muta..ehm..special-land somewhere remote (maybe they can have Dinosaurs as well) Then Matt Parkman turns bald and starts a school for the gifted while headbutting with Samuel every now and then. After Claire's exposure to the world she' ll get chased by the government who capture her and use her in some kind of special military program, turning her into the ultimate weapon! Wait a minute...


I want to see them become PROPER superheroes - in costume.! As a team.! I'm a bit sick of the ambiguity. Hero or villain.? I thought that would have been decided by now for the main characters at least. Still, I never miss an episode and am very much looking forward to S5.

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