Inside the Heroes Writing Room: A TV Fanatic Exclusive

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As the fourth season of Heroes drags to a painful close - following what one reviewer dubbed "the worst episode of any show I've ever seen" last night - many fans have been wondering:

What the heck is going on in the series writing room?

It truly seems like the show has stopped trying, as characters go weeks without appearing, storylines come to no logical conclusion, and the overall plot moves as a glacial pace.

Fortunately, the TV Fanatic staff actually has some answers. We bugged the conference table in the Heroes' offices and can reveal these exclusive quotes from the show's staff members...

Wait, Mohinder is still alive?!? Okay... let's have him attack Peter and -- what? He's no longer a Fly-like super villain? Hmmm, ok. Then let's have Hiro go back in time, invent a power where he can lock Mohinder into a mental asylum and then break him out of there a few weeks later... only for Mohinder to disappear from the show immediately again.

Huh? Tracy is still alive?!? Can we show her struggling with her ablities and looking for acceptance in life, only to vanish from the entire second half of the season? We can? Phew.

Look, I know Hiro was everyone's favorite character and the vision of him as a full-fledged, ninja-like hero in season one went over well with viewers. But we haven't made him act like a bumbling idiot in like two episodes. I think we should try that again.

Bored Heroes

Ando and Hiro look as excited to return for the fourth season finale as this viewer is to watch it.

I second that notion, but only if we can give him a brain tumor and milk sympathy out of an ignorant public that might actually believe he'll die. Only, instead of killing him, we'll have him miraculously recover via a random dream sequence we make up the day before that episode airs.

It's genius! Then, we'll have him confront Adam Monroe again and... wait, what? We killed off Adam Monroe?!? And not Sylar, who we kept around not to serve any storyline purpose, but simply because we liked the actor and lacked the guts to make such a bold move?

That's okay.. we can save Sylar. We'll just make him seem really menacing all season long and never actually do anything.

Hmm... that could work. But only if Claire is equally useless. She's spent three years trying to figure out where she belongs in the world and fighting with her father over the same issues. Why not a fourth!

Sold. But only if we can make a desperate plea for ratings by having her kiss a girl.

I think we're all missing the point: Samuel is the main bad guy this season. Should we have him do anything aside from hand out compasses to heroes here and there for the first 15 episodes?

Nah, that's probably enough. But what about his accent? Should it be American or Irish?

Why not both! He can randomly go back and forth! It will create an air of mystery to the character, since we have no clue how to do that through any sort of storytelling.

This all sounds genius. We can add another suspense-filled development by having Angela just randomly dream something. Presto, a suspenseful plot! Kudos to the guy that gave her that power. Who should it involve, though?

I don't know. Some deaf woman that serves no purpose except to be at the center of this nightmare?

Perfect. This is gonna be our best season yet...

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Why don't they just abmit to some mistakes they made in the past few seasons. This is the only show on TV that can have people go back into the past and change it. I think the biggest turning point on the show was season 3 when Sylar was starting to turn good, he had a love interest with Elle and a son named Noah in the future. It was getting interesting until all of sudden they made him back into the lone villian seeking to tear peoples heads off again. What they could do is bring in a new character that has been painting the future for a long time. He been painting Sylar's life and confronts him with the terrible decisions he has made. And they go back to when He kills Elle and which reveals to him that he would of had a son named Noah. If he hadn't killed Elle. They can do this because the guy in Africa painted parkmans future twice. One with him and Daphne holding a baby and one with him holding her dead body. Sylar shows Peter and he confirms that he did see him with his child in the future. His sons ability would be that he could figure out how to solve the worlds problems. Would make sense because Sylar can fix and figure out things too. Peter convinces Hiro to help them change the past. This change would bring consequences to there present but it would have to be done. Arthur would still be alive and more powerful then ever. Nathan will be on his father side and making a run for president of the united states. Peter will find that he's part of underground army with Claire, Angela, Matt, Noah, Hiro, Ando, Sylar and Elle. Elle and Sylar are undercover still working for Arthur. Sylar is going along with acting as Arthurs son still even though he knows he's not. There goal is to take down the company and save the world from Arthur. Who took the ability to Morph from Candice and when Nathan becomes president he inprisons him and pretends to be president. Arthur's plan is to kill anyone without abilities and create a superior human race. You can also bring in new characters that discover there abilities that would help both good and evil along the way. This maybe going to far back and it might be hard to get some of the cast that got killed off. But if they could pull it off. I don't think anyone would care about the last couple of seasons being obsolete.


have people 4goten Peter exists what about him or am i the only one who cares


Everyone bashes season 3. But don't you think fugitives was good? Specially the Brian Fuller eps. Ignore 1961 it was overall good


Its all about true blood NOW
THATS A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Season 1 = great... 2 = ok ... 3 = meh, at least a few good ones here and there... 4 = DonkeyPoop... I don't think there has been on good, nevermind great episode. Seriously, those who still think Heroes is great are truely blind fan boys. I hope they end the misery and don't bring it back for another season (unless they fire all the writers and get some new ones who actually can think and write).


CLAIRE IS A BLOODY SORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I admit, I loved heroes from the begining, but sadly the only reason I watch it now is because I'm praying for that one amazing episode that brings everything into perspective. Unfortunately, week after week I am disapointed wondering "what was the point of that story line anyway?" So I must agree with M.L.House. Though he might be a little harsh sometimes, he pretty much nails it on the head. This is why I come to this website, to see honest review. It's a relief to see that I am not a terrible heroes fan for thinking the same things.


ML House, your reviews rock... honestly, my daughter can write better than this, and she's 3. Someone cancel this show already. At the end of season 1, I wished they would off Mohinder. Now, I wish they would off everyone... sigh. Oh and yes, HeroesdoesSuxDonkeyPoop... peace!


LMAO! Maj and F.D., you guys are my heroes! I'm desensitized by all the negativity at this point. Now, I come for the comments section! Hilarious!

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