Jake McLaughlin Cast as Aaron Karev on Grey's Anatomy

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Following reports that Alex's brother would soon make an appearance on Grey’s Anatomy, the show has hired Jake McLaughlin (below) to play Aaron Karev, his younger sibling.

Alex’s estranged bro, Aaron, checks into Seattle Grace as a patient in this season’s 19th episode. So far, 15 episodes have aired this season, with the next one set for March 4.

From what we've gathered about the Karev's this mini-family reunion will be emotional, as viewers have never met a member of Alex’s troubled family, likely for good reason.

What took so long? We'll find out soon enough, but in the meantime, share your theories and opinions with us. What do you think Aaron Karev will reveal to us about Alex?

Aaron Karev

Are you excited to meet Alex's brother on Grey's Anatomy?

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What is up with this kid's eyebrows? Is he a female impersonator or something? Please someone tell me what is the deal?


Does anyone know (date) when the episode will air with Alex's brother makes his appearance?


It will be interesting to see Alex with both his brother and Izzie around at the same time. It will be a lot for him to deal with. I think he might throw himself into his work to avoid them.

Call me meredith

wow... soo excited to watch that


This is long overdue. Alex is the most under developed character of the original cast and what a shame that has been since Justin Chambers plays him brilliantly. I hope that this visit allows us to see the more vulnerable side of him (as seen with Izzie) and allows his colleagues, particularly his friends (e.g., Meredith, Christina, etc.), that he had to grow up long before his time hence his sometimes immature behavior. Looking forward to Justin Chambers time in the spotlight.


.. remember 'Ava'? and how Alex broke down in tears, showed himself completely vulnerable to Izzie for the first, after Ava had her breakdown? at that point, Alex revealed how he'd been the caretaker as a young child (?) for his mother- in the absence of a not-fit-to-be-a-husband-and-dad father.. maybe he was also his young brother's caretaker? and there was not time for 'young' Alex to misbehave. no room for him to be a kid. and his persona now- the baaaad boy doc-in-training- will be a shock to his bro'?


This is what Shonda replied to a question on twitter 'Becuz Alex has been ignoring his family for years.' So they know nothing about him since he left home.. I guess! Can't wait to find out everything about him/past.. so excited.


It was inevitable Alex too would have family appear eventually. Is there staff discount or something at SGMWH? But the brother dynamic will be interesting. Will Aaron be around when Iz turns up? Did Alex tell his family about his wedding and his wife walking out on him?


Can't wair for the episode!
Also, I remember a scene from one of the very first episodes in season two, where George punches Alex for sleeping with Olivia. Alex tells Izzie that 'the dude punches like my sister'
Wonder it that was just an harrasing statement or if he really has a sister, too?


about Alex's father ,we know that he was a cocaine addict-musician(1x08)and the their family's secret,what's?i don't know,his brother has a perhaps a problem as his father.He is a beautiful boy,i don't know this actor.

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