Jake McLaughlin Cast as Aaron Karev on Grey's Anatomy

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Following reports that Alex's brother would soon make an appearance on Grey’s Anatomy, the show has hired Jake McLaughlin (below) to play Aaron Karev, his younger sibling.

Alex’s estranged bro, Aaron, checks into Seattle Grace as a patient in this season’s 19th episode. So far, 15 episodes have aired this season, with the next one set for March 4.

From what we've gathered about the Karev's this mini-family reunion will be emotional, as viewers have never met a member of Alex’s troubled family, likely for good reason.

What took so long? We'll find out soon enough, but in the meantime, share your theories and opinions with us. What do you think Aaron Karev will reveal to us about Alex?

Aaron Karev

Are you excited to meet Alex's brother on Grey's Anatomy?

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Alex has mentioned growing up in a bar, and that his dad was a drug using, abusive musician, Alex learnt wrestling at school to protect his mother and when he was old enough to leave he left. Big question would be did Alex and Aaron also get beat up by there father or did he just abuse their mother? Do the brother's have any sisters? There father being a musician, I'm sure he would of had groupies so what about Alex and Aaron having lots of half brothers and sisters, from different places dad played in his band/or performed in. (You hear about groupies harassing band members of today and accusing them all the time, think of a band any band and I'm sure someone in that band has been accused of getting some girl pregnant and needing to do a DNA test to prove they are the father). To the above dad sleeping around could explain why Alex has the urge to sleep around because he saw his father do it to his mother, they say kids learn from watching, so he probably thinks it's okay to sleep around when in a relationship, because his father did it to his mother. If they are bringing in a brother of Alex's let's meet his father and mother and see how Alex reacts/copes around them. Is Alex's mum tough and gives back what is dished on her, or does she just take the abuse thinking that's what love is because her mother was abused as well, they say girls marrying men like their father. I'm looking forward to what the writers have in store for us viewers.


i know this has nothing to do with alexs brother but i think that burke should be brought back on the show and that christina should have to choose between burke and owen. and yes i am excited to see alexs brother also. that is all.


Lol. Agree with all of you. =D I'm glad to see someone from Alex's past. That's really cool. =D


daammnnn hee sexxyyyy!!!!!! i love greys they always pickk HOT peopleee its greaattt. there is mark derek alex jackson and now himm yummyy


I'm excited for this! Alex's brother is hot.


I am looking forward to getting to know Alex better. It's about time for this episode. @Ann, ditto on the hotness! ;-)


So excited!! Can't wait to find out about Alex's past!


Yes? I'm very excited to see Alex's bro on Grey's! I think,that upcoming ep will reveal to us big Karev's family secrets.
Jake McLaughlin is so HOT on this photo!!!

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