James Callis to Play "Big Role" on FlashForward

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As Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica, James Callis was an intriguing, mysterious figure.

It now sounds like he'll play a similar role on FlashForward.

Callis has landed a major role on the ABC drama. He'll come aboard for several episodes at this spring, Jessika Borsiczky told SCI FI Wire in a new interview.

"When I watched Battlestar, every time he wasn't in a scene I couldn't wait for him to come back," the producer said. "And I really wanted to have an opportunity to work with him. Since the show was ordered, we've been excited to work with him. And I so just cast him in our show. He's playing a big role in some of the final episodes this season, and it was for that very reason."

Borsiczky describes Callis' character as "really exciting" and "unusual." He'll be involved in "some of Olivia's journey."

James Callis

FlashForward returns on March 18. Two days prior, ABC will air a clip show and try to catch viewers up on what's happened on the series so far.

After that, the network will air 13 consecutive installments of the drama. You can review the developments that have aired so far in our Flashforward episode guide section.

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Not that we won't see a future epsdioe again, but I firmly believe that this was a gimmick for the finale and not a foreshadowing of how the rest of the series plays out. I think everyone knows that the island time is the main part of the show, and showing more of the future demeans the now flashbacks to the island. As awesome as it was, we can no longer fear for the safety of Jack and Kate. Every time Jack or Kate is in perilous situation in the next three years, we will know for a fact that they will not die. What is great is that those two were the only two we saw in the future, everyone else is up for grabs. If the show goes super-futury, then that becomes the now', and then as fun and revealing as the island stories are, they will not mean as much and will totally change the point of the show, which I don't think they are willing to do. Mark my words, the main drama for all six seasons will be contained to that fucked up island.

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