Jessica Capshaw Dishes on Grey's Anatomy

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Ask and you shall receive! Grey's Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw gave a couple of interviews recently, discussing our favorite show and being generally awesome.

We love Jessica, and think she's a great addition to the show. We think you'll agree after watching her interviews on Ellen and Lopez Tonight if you don't already.

Like Ellen Pompeo, Jessica showed Ellen DeGeneres a picture of her adorable baby (well, toddler). She also talked about getting her foot in the door on Grey's.

There's a little sneak peek in the latter clip, so you might want to be advised if you don't want to risk exposure to Grey's Anatomy spoilers. That being said ...

Follow the jump and see what Jessica has to say:

[video url="" title="Jessica on Ellen"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Jessica on Lopez"] [/video]

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I thing Jessica Capshaw is a fantastic addition to Grey's She lights up the screen with her work! The Arizona relationship with Callie is such a sweet and grounded love story, its just fun to watch. FYI J Smith, after watching the two recent interviews she did, I was wondering if she was pregnant too.


She has become the most pleasurable thing to watch on Greys since everyone else is in a major life crisis and I'm biting my fingers every time I see someone else. With Arizona and Callie, I can just sit back and relax and watch their perfect little life in a perfect little bubble. AWWW its so cute!


She's adorable!!! and her son is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless her family!


JCap is great. Really like her. She's a great addition to the show. The clip with Avery....If JW is supposed to replace TRK, then Shonda and Co. need to go back to the drawing board. Jackson is not George no matter how hard they try.


aww i love her! she does great interviews and was able to be funny without doing the typical obnoxious laugh celebrities do on these things. I loved the stuff about her husband and Sara!


I love her to pieces but did she look a little pregnant on Ellen??


"...and being generally awesome". Thát were the words I was looking for! :P Love her, hope she never leaves!


it must be so cool when Steven Spielberg is your stepfather!
But her husband is really handsome, and her son is so cute!


She's so funny.


:-))) thanks for posting!

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