Lost Theory of the Week: A Coffee Date to Come?

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It was the most emotional scene on the Lost premiere, but it also felt the most useless:

Why did the show kill off Juliet for a second time? The fifth season finale farewell to this character was both heroic and touching, seemingly an ideal way for her and Sawyer to part ways.

But viewers quickly found out on Tuesday night that Juliet had jumped to 2004 with her fellow castaways. They dug out a hole for Sawyer climb down, only for her to simply die in his arms. Was this a manipulative way for Lost to squeeze even more emotion out of this love affair... or something more?

Based on what Juliet uttered (and/or almost uttered) before she passed, we're leaning toward the latter option. Consider:

Despite the pain and despite the circumstances, Juliet seemed at peace, almost happy. She asked Sawyer out for coffee and, as Miles later relayed, was about to add two critical words: It worked.

Juliet Death Scene

Juliet died on the season six premiere... so why is she so happy?

What worked? The Jughead-inspired reboot, that's what most fans assume. And we agree. As for the odd coffee date reference, we're reminded of the Mel Gibson movie Signs.

Remember when his wife lay dying, only to mutter something about "swinging away" that would save her family's life years later? Even if you don't, the point remains the same:

Sometimes, the near-dead have visions the living cannot see. Sometimes, they are privy to information unattainable to anyone else. Sometimes, there's a parallel universe where events unfold in a certain manner and it takes blowing up a hydrogen bomb to see your off-island destiny.

In Juliet and Sawyer's case, this means an eventual coffee date in a rebooted 2004 timeline. When will it take place? On the series finale, scheduled to air on May 23.


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M.L. House...learn the show your watching. They didn't jump to 2004...they jumped to 2007. Somebody should fire this guy.


God I hope not. I loathe these two. Sawyer was destroyed in this storyline, turned into a mopey wimp, and Juliet lost her whole backstory. Like kris said above, there's "no drama". Dreary, boring, sexless. I was so glad she died, now I'm afraid she'll come back. But probably it won't be anything important. She wasn't even talking to "James".


That is a great idea it would also help them not be on a Love triangle no more.


I completly agree with this as I actually thought of it myself tuesday night. My guess is that it will probably happen half way through the season. Thanks for posting this, happy to know I'm not the only one with a twisted lost mind lol.


great theory and i would like to see it happen!


I just really really want juliete and sawyer to end up together. I know she "died" but in the true lost way that doesn't really mean anything. I love them together. They were both so happy and peacful together. There wasn't any drama like with Kate. I just think they belong together. As for Jack and kate.. they have crazy history and they deserve a happy ending as well.


I would have never thought about this, but now that I read it seems likely. I mean it`s a brilliant idea. and now the more I think about it the more I agree with it.


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Ben [to Jack]

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