Matthew Settle, Wife to Split Up

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Sad news from the world of Gossip Girl today, but we hope it's ultimately for the best. Matthew Settle and his wife Naama Nativ are splitting up.

After weeks of rumors, the actor confirmed the breakup with his spouse of four years, and with whom he welcomed a baby girl just last year.

"It's true and we are working on that," the actor who plays Rufus Humphrey said. "Things happen in life and you just have to roll with it."

"I wish things could be better, but our focus is our daughter."

Matthew Settle and Wife

Naama Nativ and Matthew Settle last year.

The 40-year-old and his 26-year-old wife welcomed daughter Aven Angelica Settle in March. Despite his single status, Settle isn't exactly on the scene.

"I'm not. I'm not adjusted yet," he told OK!."I'm still working on that, but it's always a tragedy when things happen, and that's all I can say."

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It's so sick to wanna couple "aduld" (okay at least MS is not really aduld) people and this short after their break-ups with their partners especially Matthew.
Guess you live all in a dream world. Welcome to the real life with cheaters and wh****...

Marta vdh

maybe the kelly -matt relationship cold be true, because since the news showed up , a lot of pictures of matt and kelly are on the intrenet.But not only at some event, i mean coming to the places together so.... i let you think.
but i don't really think is just a coincidence


And she behaves more aduld than Matthew with 40... Such a guy. With 80 he will have a 18 years old girl on his side...for sure.


She is only 26! Only 2 year difference to Jessica. Wow just wow.


Oh don't worry about Matthew. He isn't sad at all. He celebrates since last year with other chicks... Really disgusting! His wifey looks like a gold peace. I wish her and cute Aven all the best and the love they deserves!


Just so you know Blair& best friend slit her wrists for the longest time and no one knew. I thought it was kind of weird that she started wearing long sleeves all the time but no one knew she was depressed. I just can't help but comment on something that hits close to home for me. Back to the main topic please.......


"You are seriously fucked up, you stupid piece of shit. Slit your wrists and get your head out of your ass." wow. Sorry, I am not going to tell you how to behave but please... slitting your wrist is not something to joke about, it's like joking about suicide, genocide, poverty, and a lot of other problems. That's the only problem I have with your post. Please try to joke about themes that are actually funny. So sad to read about this. I hope he feels better soon. A divorce is nothing to celebrate, at least I don't think it is in this case.


Actually why not - I think they would make a cute couple.
Buuuut, due to the fact that not any single person here knows him or her personally (correct me if I´m wrong) we don´t know whether or not they would be a match. However, good luck to all of them.


I think it'd be weird to see Kelly & Matt together IRL. I'm really upset for his family hopefull they can work something out though. c:


That is not funny - ever. Everyone just drop it and stick to discussing the article... Thanks.


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