NCIS Season Finale Scoop: Gibbs' Life-Changing Decision

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So far, speculation regarding the NCIS Season 7 finale this May has been limited to Rena Sofer's likely return, and executive producer Shane Brennan's cryptic statements that the events of the upcoming season-ender have already been set in motion ... somehow.

Well, today Entertainment Weekly says Sofer’s feisty lawyer character, Allison Hart - who returns in Tuesday’s episode, "Mother's Day" - will be back for multiple episodes in May.

That's the first concrete confirmation we've read to that effect.

As for what it entails? The no-nonsense attorney will “set in motion a chain of events that forces Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to make a life-changing decision,” Brennan says.

This isn't just some run-of-the-mill life-changing decision, either, nor will it impact Gibbs alone. Brennan reveals what he does “will impact every member of his team.”

Theories? Opinions? Comments? We'd love to hear them.

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I'm thinking that the chain of events Hart sets in motion is going to put Gibbs in a position where he is forced to kill to protect someone, possibly Hart herself. I think Team Gibbs has an inkling that something is up and starts spinning theories about what is up between Gibbs and Hart, but Abby is the one who learns the truth and is torn about whether she should tell or not. Abs is every bit as protective of Gibbs as he is of her, this could be what SB referred to awhile back about Gibbs and Abby growing closer.


Maybe Gibbs gets the lawyer pregnant and that would be the big prego shocker that everyones talking about! That, or he kills her off and Abby either witnesses it or knows about it and that will be Abby's big decision.


I don't see a romance with Gibbs and Hart. It's more like a careful dance. I think the cliff hanger will involve the cornel and hart, but a life changing decision isn't always hudge. That it affects the other characters doesn't need to be the end all either. Remember, it's going to be back for season 8 so really, what's the worst that can happen? I don't see them killing off a character this season either. Could be wrong, but they haven't given off that feel or foreshadowing like they did with Kate's. I could see someone getting heavily injured, I could see Gibbs killing someone, I could see Gibbs making a mistake or choosing option B rather than A so the team gets pulled into a senario that causes ripple effects in thier relationships and character development. Also, while the last few episodes have been a bit weaker than previous ones this season, I think it's a set up. Like, the calm before the storm. Comfy just until they can blow something out of the water. Mark my words, there is an episode coming, not even the finale, that is going to have us all going, "Holy Shit". Sometimes the best way to suprise people is to have a little filler.


GAH! i am literally crying at the moment! I dont like that lawyer woman, eugh, there will be no more NCIS for me if he gets with her, although I read somewhere that it isnt, fingers crossed. It should have been Jenny and I stand by that, she was the only woman that he actually loved after Shannon and now she is dead.. or is she, that would make a better storyline than him and the lawyer woman. I really hope that the writers see some sense in what they are doing.I mean seriously, she isnt even a red head O_o


deoesn't anybody think this could be Gibbs is daughter... If hes been married 5v times...i think its that


I do not like all this romance interferng with a well told story. You know when the end is near when the writers resort to using relationships instead of the good mystery!


NCIS is a great tv show, however, JAG is a great love story as well as a great tv movie so, what happened to JAG? The stars' were outstanding, the program was outstanding what happened? Please bring it back.


I think the "life changing decision" is that Gibbs will either retire or keep seein and marry the lawyer woman. I hope it's the second one. I couldn't stand it if Gibbs left. And besides I kind of like the lawyer woman. She isn't that bad and I kind of think they should be together. But I do wanna know how she knows so much about Gibbs.


I don't like the lawyer lady no one does, but in my opinion last years season, in the middle I personally wasn't really liking the middle it was a bit of a major fail to me in the middle, it started of the best then got bad, then at the end got WAY better. But i just hope that happens here, but i'm not sure with this lawyer lady crap, if it's marriage, I, and a lot of other fans won't be happy!!


I feel like posting again, just to except my disappointment so far... I loved Truth or Consequences, its my fave ep by far, and I loved Reunion as well. But up until Faith... Ive lost interest a little. Like, what was with the jetpacks in Ignition? We need the original storylines back, in season 6 and stuff before the show decided to take off and be the number 1 show on TV. Its like they are crumbling under pressure. Hopefully it will improve leading up to the finale. And as long as the finale isnt focused on Gibbs's interest in the lawyer.
As long as it doesnt include Hart, I am over the moon. I dont like her one bit...

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