Private Practice Preview: "Fear of Flying"

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This week on Private Practice, Addison, Pete and Sam all come together on a complicated case involving a father-to-be who comes down with tuberculosis and thus threatens the future of his new family ... and anyone else he comes in contact with.

That sounds rather intense... and potentially fatal.

Meanwhile, with Violet having escaped to Costa Rica, Sheldon takes over one of her patients, Natasha, to get over her devastating fear of flying (the episode is called "Fear of Flying").

Lastly, Naomi finds herself in a bit of a love triangle and the two gentlemen we think are involved - Fife and her boss, William - should make things very interesting to watch play out.

Click to enlarge some pictures from the episode ...

Naomi and Her Boss
A Naomi Picture
Unexpected Love Connection
Fife Picture
Yay or Nae?
Doctor Wilder

"Fear of Flying" airs Thursday, March 4, right after an all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy. What do you think of Naomi's romantic prospects? Or about Pete and Addison's future?

Follow the jump for a promo of Private Practice ...

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Pls get my fave character Addison (I LOVE KATE WALSH - keep twittering Kate!) a new man in Season 4. Character I like least - Sam - he is A BORE. He is uninteresting, uncharismatic and certainly not man enough for Addison. She needs like a Derek or Mark - that sorta calibre and chemistry. So pls, reel in the next candidate for Addison! And I LOVE CHARLOTTE KING. Amazing character. Gorgeous to boot and I'm not even big on blondes! ;p Season 3 was an excellent season. Best of Private Practice. Hope to be blown away with Season 4. You go Shonda Rhimes! (Keep twittering, too!)


Pls get my fave character Addison (I LOVE KATE WALSH - keep twittering Kate!) a new man. Character I like least : Sam - he is a BORE. He is not funny or interesting or man enough for Addison. She needs like a Derek or Mark kind of calibre and man they had chemistry! And I love Charlotte King. Amazing character. And gorgeous to boot (and am not even big on blondes)!


Bobby - Did you ever figure out what the song at the end of the episode was? I can't find it anywhere. I saw somewhere said it was "Phender - Electric Baby"... but I can't find anything about phender or electric baby ANYwhere.. Anyone else know what song it is?


Okay, I liked this episode, but Charlotte and Sheldon? Really? That was just...wrong.


Violet and Pete!
Addison and a nice young new hot guy! I cringe when I see Sam and Addison. They are wrong for a lot of reasons, especially 0 CHEMISTRY??!! Btw: just exactly what are the producers/writers, etc., hoping to accomplish by forcing interracial in our faces? Every week?? Sam and Addie, now Sam and another trophy white woman, the useless couple with the husband about to be deported, Naomi and her dr's., Maya and Dink, and the couple whose baby was premature. There are other races to bring on if not have them be with their own. It's realistic!


Just wondering if anyone recognizes the song from the end of the episode that played as Cooper walks in on Charlotte and Sheldon, Naomi goes out on her date, and Pete and Addison are comforting each other before they roll credits. Would love to find that song!


Pete and Violet and
Sam and Addie and
Charlotte and Cooper 1 MILLION PERCENT! P.S. I melted when Pete said, "Panties off now..." (sighs)


Pete and Violet! 1,000 percent!!


Ahh! So glad there are so many Pete and Violet fans! I love Violet and Pete! Yes, they will definitely end up together. Too much history, plus a baby, plus the chemistry/sexiness that is Pete and Violet! Oh, also a Sam and Addie fan!
And Charlotte and Cooper!


I agree, Gizmo! Yes to Pete and Violet, Charlotte and Cooper. If they don't develop Addison and Sam, they need to bring a new man for Addison.


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Lucas's mom is amazing.


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