Private Practice Review: "Til Death Do Us Part"

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Last night on Private Practice, both Sam and Naomi struggled with their mixed emotions as Maya prepared to wed Dink. Addison battled some internal conflict of her own.

Jealous Cooper suspected Charlotte's new beau was abusing his meds, which took a surprising turn at the end of the night. Here's our review of "'Til Death Do Us Part" ...

Addison wants to talk to Sam about how she is seeing someone (he doesn't know about the Pete-Addison romance), but a baby about to be born prematurely interrupts.

Pete calls an ambulance, Naomi and Addison. This week's impossible Private Practice decision (they have more per season than any show in history) is particularly tough.

The baby is 25 weeks old, everything is going wrong, and a full battery of surgeries, ventilators, and incubators will be needed ... just to give him the slimmest of odds.

Addison suggests tactfully that they don't allow it to suffer. The parents, Pete and Naomi are want to fight. Addison decides to do as they advise and operate anyway.

Sam and Maya Photo

Sam ultimately played the role of dad - not just of a guy in a suit.

Sadly, it doesn't go well and in the end, the parents come to realize she's right, a miracle simply isn't in the cards. They cry as they hold their baby for the first - and last - time.

It's moving and depressing, but at least it's realistic and well-acted.

Cooper is out to get Charlotte's new boyfriend. Not out of jealousy, he says (yeah, right), but for his Oxycontin scamming ways. He passive-aggressively rats him out (this is Coop).

When she rebuffs him (who saw that coming), he confronts the guy himself. Cooper at least convinces him to talk to Violet, where he gets snippy and reveals he has real problems.

Charlotte is still unmoved by her ex's meddling, until he messes up at work and her ass-kicking side rears its ugly head. Dude better be checking into rehab or he's gonna be fired.

At Maya's wedding (more on that shortly), Coop shows up with someone else, much to Charlotte's chagrin. But they quickly change that and "consummate" something themselves!

Wow, just like that. Are you excited for Cooper & Charlotte Round II?

Follow the jump for our take on the big story of the night ...

At the beginning of the episode, Dell is offering up marriage advice and consolations to Maya. He's probably the only one doing so, given the unusual circumstances surrounding it.

Her pissed mom won't come to her shotgun wedding, and her dad, while a little more supportive (he at least legally signed off) is clearly less than psyched about the whole ordeal.

Luckily Dink's mom is there to pick up the slack and is trying to put a positive spin on the wedding at every turn. Admirable as that is, what Maya really wants is her own mother.

But instead of being touched by Maya's gesture, Naomi decides nothing makes up letting her daughter down and ruining her life (her words)... than abandoning her again now.

Makes a lot of sense, right?

After Dell tells Sam to get his head in the game and act like he's actually happy for Maya, rather than merely showing up, Sam gives his ex-wife a lecture she was overdue for.

The gist: Don't miss your daughter's wedding. Otherwise, you'll be missing your daughter ... for good. No matter how difficult things are for her, Naomi comes around at the end.

The wedding is a dream come true ... or at least as close to it as a pregnant 16-year-old's wedding can be. Sam killed with his big toast about being Maya's "anyway" friend.

Because no matter what happens, he loves her anyway. Talk about an appropriate story to tell at this event. Almost makes you forget that there was any animosity in the family.

The only animosity there was? Sam telling Addison he doesn't want to see her. Period. Pete is his friend, he says, and he's clearly stung by her dalliances with him. Ouch.

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? Comment below!


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Sha Says:
February 20th, 2010 10:42 PM They need to not have Sam and Addison together. Now forgive me for sounding racist( sounds like you were)


Scottie; I wasn't asking for your forgiveness, and I'm entitled to my opinions. Nor am I a racist.


I don't think Cooper and Charlotte will stay together. I think they'll regret what they did and this is not actually "Round Two" for them. I loved the little scene with Violet and Pete, and her plate full of food. ha ha. I was really hoping he would ask her to dance! Those two are so good together! I want Pete and Violet back together.


i get what your saying,im all for life and not taking it away.But you also have to see it from what addison was saying, he would be in pain his WHOLE life, and he would always have to eat through a tube, he would not have a normal life, and would have surgery after surgery, that not really a life, i think it was humane to let the child die peacefully and be relieved from the pain it would endure thoughput its life.


SHA: WHAT YOU SAID IS RACIST AND I DO NOT FORGIVE YOU!.. As a daughter of an interracial couple and being in an interracial marriage myself I love when I see couples that reflect me on tv because it is very few and far between that I do see it. SO much so that it is the first thing I notice. I hope when my now 2 month old son(you have a problem with that?) is old enough to date it will be the norm and not something that stands out.


Does anyone know what the song was that was playing when they finally held their child which died?


I am now convinced that Pete and Violet will be the end game, which is funny, because everyone thought it would be him with Addison. So glad it's not! Huge Violet/Pete fan! I love Sam with Addison. I think they will be together. That's probably why it's taking so long for them to hook up. I don't know why she would sleep with Pete. He'll never want to actually be with her! He's in love with Violet. They did all that history between the two of them, Pete finally said, "I love you," to someone. He will end up with Violet for sure. Addison is in love with Sam! I say screw Naomi. Go to Sam! Get yourself some Addie!


Oh my God, it has to be Pete and Violet! I loooovvvee them! Agree with Shannon! Pete and Violet were a GREAT idea! And no kidding, Sam and Addison are so far from being over. But I want my Pete and Violet payoff! I've been waiting all season!


I agree with Shannon, Addie and Sam are everything but over. This is just the beginning between them. I hated how Sam treated Addie, if he loves her, he better starts showing it to her. He needs to be kind and patient with her, she's vulnerable and he knows it. I love Addie and I want her happy.


I definitely do not think that the Sam/Addison pairing is over. Not by a long shot. I like them together too. Pete and Violet need to be together. Pairing them was the best idea Shonda ever had! He won't stay with Addison, she's just going to get stepped on again. He loves Violet. And he'll go back to Violet, without a doubt.

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