Rena Sofer to Appear at Least Twice More on NCIS

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Rena Sofer's no-nonsense lawyer character, M. Allison Hart, has proved a thorn in Jethro Gibbs' side - and at the same time a romantic fascination of his - twice already.

She resurfaces again in NCIS' March 2 episode (the show is off this week and next) and she’ll be back for at least one more after that, according to Entertainment Weekly.

As far as where the producers are taking her relationship with Mark Harmon’s Gibbs, don't ask Rena. Not that she'd tell you if she did, but even she has no idea, by design.

M. Allison Hart

Rena Sofer's Allison Hart in "Masquerade."

Hart's recurring status lends credence to the theory that her arc with Gibbs is part of the show's big season finale, which producers have teased has already started in a sense.

“Mark doesn’t know either,” Sofer says of their relationship.

“We talk about it every time we do a scene together. We don’t know. Personally, I think it’s more fun to play the ambiguity. Once you go to bed with someone, it’s over. Where do you go from there? Part of me that hopes we never know for that reason.”

She's alone in that department - fans can't wait to see where it's headed.

Interestingly, this isn't Sofer's only controversial romance of the season. She's going on a date with Booth on Bones! Both Gibbs and Booth have good taste. Just saying.

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I turn the channel every time her character is on. She's not a strong, complex character. She's just an arrogant lawyer simply acting on the instructions of someone else. The chemistry with her and Gibbs is missing. I agree they should bring back Hollis Mann and Palmer. If they try and put Gibbs together with her, they could very well be jumping the shark. What a pity!


Since everyone seems to hate the character Rene Sofer is playing, I see the producers have produced the result they wanted. This is not a soap opera love story. I think her character fits in well.


Ok. I am really sick of seeing Hart on the show, and I personally think that the sooner she's gone the better. I DO NOT DISLIKE RENA SOFER, I JUST REALLY HATE HER CHARACTER. Yes, the show has had it's ups and downs, but I think we've definitely hit a low point as far as characters go. Ziva isn't a dangerous assassin anymore, she's a love interest for Tony, who is turning sleazy and receiving more head slaps every episode. McGee, Abby and Gibbs are pretty much the only main characters I feel haven't changed for the worst. Yes, Tony and Ziva have each had their awesome moments in the season, but this one is really trekking downhill. As far as season cliffhangers go, however, I am delighted with the path this one is taking!


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't let Ms. Hart turn out to be SHANNON who wasn't killed in the explosion, and after coming out of a coma
had no memory of her past life and plastic surgery to repair her injuries, took a new name and went to law school. I just couldn't take it!!


I agree, I strongly dislike the Allison Hart character, she is rude, disrespectful and a Bit*h, as stated before, It would be totally against his principals to have a relationship with this jerk. I think this person should not even be in the show. She doesn't even have the respect to call him Agent, or Special Agent, she actually calls him Mister, This is soooo wrong. I miss Holly Mann, she was such a warm and intelligent person. She should be back in the show as an agent if not a love interest. Since she is no longer in the Army, she should be recruited as an Agent. Shane Brennen if you are reading this, plese get rid of Allison Hart. NO ONE likes this stupid B***h.


Gah!!!!!! Stupid annoying lawyer lady!!! *note: i do not have any angst against Rena Sofer, seeing as I haven't seen her in anything else, and I don't know her* I'm sitting here crying because she's back. In the episode where Gibbs almost kisses her, I almost barfed! God, SB is seriously making me wonder whether the show will be worth- GAH! I CAN'T EVEN SAY THAT! I LOVE NCIS TOO MUCH! But seriously, the stupid annoying lawyer lady NEEDS TO GO!!!


@Kbogart Im not too sure what he says to her myself, but others think he whispers, "You're mine, now." which I suppose would make sense.


Can anyone tell me -- What did Gibbs whisper in Ziva's ear at the end of the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" episode?


Seems this is a unamious column against Sofer. I dont believe a love interest is necessary if the storyline is good. I never figured out what happened to the women from the army? She and Gibbs were a great match, at least they have character, integrity and chemistry. This women is a first class non trustworthy deceitful B*tch. Not someone with integrity would find attractive. SO we will see, I can easily stop watching this show. I have watched it since the first has been real and funny .. but this is unbelievable.


I agree. Something doesn't feel right with the show. Something is missing. I too hope they dump her character. The one I would like to see come back is Hollis Mann. I thought she and Gibbs had great chemistry.

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