Second Mercy Wester to Be Fired on Grey's Anatomy

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Entertainment Weekly confirms this morning that Katherine Heigl is due back on the Grey’s Anatomy set on Monday, which we pretty much gathered up based on previous reports.

As a result, it looks like Izzie will be in the final five episodes of Season Six, whereas anything beyond that is anyone's guess - yours is as good as ours, which is as good as EW's.

In other Grey’s Anatomy casting news, a second member of the Mercy West crew will not be returning next season. So look for two to be gone by the time next year begins.

Any ideas on which two? Jackson appears safe, but the rest?

Younger Avery

We'd be surprised if Jackson weren't back next year, but his Mercy West counterparts?

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Whats not to like about the Gas Man. I think he is cool and going to help Bailey get her groove back:) I think people dieing around April is going to be to much for her and she leaves. Nose dive can take a hike. I haven't liked him since day one. Now Reed and Jackson I like. Personally I don't care if Izzy comes back. All she does is come back and upset Alex. Alex has kinda found his footing in peds. I hope he continues to grow and be a good doc and person. But he needs to stop sleeping around. From the looks of the promo Lexie is getting ready to sleep with someone again. She has went abit wild since she broke up with Mark. I bet she sleeps with Jackson this time. They seem to be getting close. I think everyone might get a little stupid. I believe Callie is going to cheat with Mark. And AZ is going to do something with Teddy. In and interview Jcap said the girls are going to hit some bumps in the road and almost break up and then get back together. I love the girls. I hope they don't distroy there relationship by cheating.


Personally, if we're going to go into most hated character, I don't think I've met anyone who genuinely liked Rose. =P Sadie was unpleasant, but I kind of like Reed, and I wish the writers would do something with her.
I didn't even consider Ben because I like him too much. Hopefully Shonda does, too.


Mercy west closed all together, it's all one hospital now. the reason we don't see the others is because GA focuses on the surgical program of the hospital, not everything in the hospital.


bye bye reed and charles!!! i'll miss you.... NOT!!!!


Tilly - Her name is Sarah Drew .She has been on PrP,Mad Men and she starred in Everwood(so did the actress who plays Reed) ,and she has guested on a tonne of other stuff. .Between getting 'sacked' and getting 're-hired'she has been on Supernatural and was Suzy Pepper on Glee .Her reapearence was going to be at the same time as KH was originally going to be back (before they knew about the maternity leave) Agree with most on the guys Jackson stays ,Nosedive goes.
On the women you would think if its abigger role it would be April who stays.If its just a recurring role they want to keep them for Reed woul stay . Yes Tilly ,Lexie gains revenge for the whole sex in the kitchen incident lol .And Derek also catches Mark and a woman in a supply closet at the hospital


I must admit I misread what this was about. We're getting rid of 2 MWers. Well I am very happy about that. Nosedive yes, I'll not miss him. A female MWer has got to go too. Reed said Kepner was a better doc than her, so Reed too. I will not be shedding any tears over this. LOL


The reappearance of kepner is all in the actor's contract, to appear when the storyline allows. I don't know the actresses name but I have seen her elsewhere in TV series. I think the only valid reason to keep Reed would be for her lusting after Alex, especially if Iz came back as a doc to SGH. But from the preview of ep16 I've seen, Lex seems to have plans for Alex (was Lex at Mer's house doing her trying her seduction technique? Der did not need to see his little sister like that)


Bigger question would be why we haven't seen more Mercy Westers, a Hospital is huge even if it is smaller then Seattle Grace, what happened to all the other staff, are they still working at Mercy West? Is Mercy West only keeping there wards and operating theatres open and close there emergency department. Maybe we could see a rotating roster where we see our Main Characters from Seattle Grace doing a couple of shifts over at Mercy West. You have to look at all the other people that aren't main characters as well, like the support staff of a Hospital.


here's another one that not many people have thought of... the anesthesiologist. But I highly doubt he's going anywhere. Shonda Rhimes (according to her twitter) loves the chemistry between him and Bailey too much to get rid of him so quickly. Plus they've been missing a black male doctor for the ladies since Isaiah Washington got fired.


Avery is definitely safe, the next episode actually is going to focus on him a little bit. Great chemistry with the rest of the residents, particularly Yang.
Adamson and Percy are most likely the ones who will be leaving. "NoseDive" has been about as relevant as Izzie this year. He is a waste of space. And Adamson, while she had potential to be a good character, wasn't given a chance by the fans and is presently right up there with Sadie Harris in the running for most hated Grey's character ever.
Can't imagine they'd rehire Kepner just to fire her again.

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