Second Mercy Wester to Be Fired on Grey's Anatomy

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Entertainment Weekly confirms this morning that Katherine Heigl is due back on the Grey’s Anatomy set on Monday, which we pretty much gathered up based on previous reports.

As a result, it looks like Izzie will be in the final five episodes of Season Six, whereas anything beyond that is anyone's guess - yours is as good as ours, which is as good as EW's.

In other Grey’s Anatomy casting news, a second member of the Mercy West crew will not be returning next season. So look for two to be gone by the time next year begins.

Any ideas on which two? Jackson appears safe, but the rest?

Younger Avery

We'd be surprised if Jackson weren't back next year, but his Mercy West counterparts?

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i'm actually hoping for Reed to stay, I sord-of like her. Plus it will bring some plot when Izzie returns, and I doubt noedive will go if Reed stays...I'm thinking April will leave by the end of the season. I can't really see Derek firing anyone. Glad to see Iz is coming back, YES! But I hope her and Alex get back together later, not after he just sent her away like that. I'll be pissed if they got back together because Alex's brother is dying or something, to cliche'. Does anyone think Izzie will find out about Lexie and Alex's hook up? Do you think they'll continue to hook up till Izzie returns full time?


I haven't seen much of Charles, hope its not Jackson (I like him), don't mind if its April but I think I speak for us all when I say:


I don't really like Jackson either...I 'm not interested in the Avery family....
Hope the MWers whoever get to stay will just be recurring


Honestly, I don't love Jackson Avery. But he's tolerable. If he's the only Mercy Wester they keep, wtf was the point of this merger. Seriously if they were going to keep ONE character, they could have just introduced him some other way. They introduced like 6 new characters then keep just one? They could all go as far as I'm concerned. We need more story lines with the main characters. In the words of Bailey, "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid."


lol, are we calling Charles "Nosedive"? hahaha, thats halarious! Ya I don't like him. He's not hot like the other doctors. LOL. I'm hoping that it's anyone but Jackson. I love him. And Reed. But only to an extent. Also, don't you think that its only a matter of time till a Seattle Gracer will get fired?
Like why are all the Mercy Wester's going? Isn't everyone on equal ground?


I agree I think most definately Charles, hated him from day one and April she just can't cope with all the people she touches dying.


Yes! Reed and Charles must go!
I like Jackson now and I can tolerate April.


Fingers crossed for Reed. I'm thinking it's going to be Nosedive though.


made* Lol


Reed, Nosedive, or April. I didn't want the fired MWers going back. I like Jackson. His character is just getting started and we still have more to learn about him. Plus, he's mad a slightly, maybe not so, but maybe, big impact on the show(nudge nudge, kissing Cristina). I can't get that kiss out of my mind because we don't know if he wants her or not. Well, he wanted her in that episode but we don't know if he actually still wants her. I hope not because I'm a huge fan of Crowena. Plus, he's related to Harper Avery! =D Jackson in, other MWers I hope are out.

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