Someone is Gonna Die on The Ghost Whisperer

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On March 5, The Ghost Whisperer airs its 100th episode. This is a milestone for any series and will be highlighted by the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt directs the installment.

But it will be pertinent for a storytelling reason, as well: a major character will die.

Producer P.K. Simonds shared this spoiler with in an interview this week. He said:

There’s a character, an important one, who is gonna die. Fans might want to start wondering who that is. I’m not sure they’ll be able to guess. And that takes us ahead to the home stretch.

There’s gonna be a reckoning between Melinda, her son Aiden, Eli and Ned and the book that they’ve been reading and their battle against the shadows. There’s a very big climax we’re headed to at the end of the season and everything is at stake. It’s all gonna come down to the lives of all our key characters being on the line – especially Melinda and Aiden.

Pic of Melinda Gordon

It doesn't get much more intriguing than that, does it? Who do you think is gonna be killed off?

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omg i hope its not ned!!


OMG! I hope it's not Melinda dying, that's my favorite show. because of her I watched all the time. She is truly a good actress for that character


About the opening credits: can someone tell me what object the woman is holding -- it looks like a big wrapped egg, and cracks open (?) and is green like a turtle. It's the image with David Conrad's credit.


Ok I was thing Bedford too, but also Ned, because of the creepy foreshadowing with the spirit borad. I hope its Eli though cause I hate Jamie Kennedy, also thought about Professor Payne. KIlling Aiden would be nice too, i can't stand the kid, but they won't do that because of the story stream they have been working on now. As far as the whole Jim/Sam thing that was mentioned above, I thought it was a stupid thing to do, a very dumb and boring season last season, but at least they kept David Conrad on the show, if they would have replaced him with the tubby, ugly, red haired guy playing Sam, the show would have been done for. The concept of love being eternal was mushy and sweet, but the whole thing was just a downer for so many loyal fans, and now they're talking of killing off someone elses...?
I wasn't a fan of the show until the season 1 finale, then i was hooked, i have them all on dvd, and love ghost whisperer. The 100th episode is a big deal for a show to make it past it's piolet episode is a big deal anymore.
But I am still hanging on Bedford Dying, I hope and pray it's Eli though so Margaret Cho can become a regular...I guess we shall see.


Bedford!!! Good one!!! I forgot to record the last episode! Hopefully Hulu can help out with that haha


Bedford. Hadn't thought of him. Good arguments that he could be the one.
I don't think they would kill Aiden, a child.
Melinda has already lost one best friend, so It's not Delia.
Delia has already lost a close family member, her husband, so I don't think it's Ned.
Eli? It's possible. He might be a bigger help to Melinda dead than alive.
But the whole "major" vs. "main" has me thinking that it must be someone like Bedford.


hehehe, nobody else guessed the same person as me...I don't want to go into detail as to why I think this character will die, but I'm almost positive...I think they're going to kill off Bedford. There's a reason that the spoilers for this season haven't gotten very big, they want us to overthink what's going to happen, that way we'll be more shocked when we discover the truth. What people failed to notice is that the producers said an "Important" slash "Major" character was going to die...not a main character...hehe I guess we'll just have to find out...and btw, those of you who are dissing the show for last year's AMAZING idea, the reason they did that was to further strengthen the meaning of the show...that love transcends death. And those of you who had faith in the show and in the producers from day know what you're doing. Keep it up! :)


I think it's going to be Ned, for the reasons Welecyrb listed. He's been really big. Bye bye, Ned. Also, for Aiden, recently his part hasn't been very big at all, other than the few times we see Melinda dropping him off at the bus stop or whatever.


I believe it will be Delia or Ned.
Aiden: They are not killing off a five year old boy.
Jim: They already killed him off.
Malinda: The obvious
Eli: He too already died.
Ned: He has had a lot of major rolls recently. This makes me a little suspicious.
Delia: Has not had as big of rolls. Might be getting ready for removal. However, I seriously doubt this, but Rick Payne might come back in time to be killed off. He supposedly isn't permanently moving.


I love the show and I think it will be Ned or his mom. Guess time will tell.

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The Ghost Whisperer Quotes

Delia: Did you just offer to give a ride to a ghost?
Melinda: Only because she doesn't know she's dead.

Eli: I know you're gonna say I got ahead of myself reaching out to the brother who probably killed his little sister; manslaughtered, murdered, take your pick.
Melinda: How about you start a phone call with can you talk or this a bad time?
Eli: No, I want you to pick one, seriously.