Survivor Odds: Who Will Win Heroes vs. Villains?

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In just two days, a tribe of heroic, veteran castaways will do battle with a tribe of manipulative villains on the special 20th edition of Survivor.

For weeks, we've been previewing each contestant on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, but now it's time to assess the entire field. Who stands the best chance of walking away with $1 million and a rightful claim to the title of Best Survivor Player Ever?

Place your bets according to the following odds...


  • Amanda Kimmel: 40-1. Look for her to team up with former China castmate James Clement
  • Candice Woodcock: 200-1. “I think viewers are probably wondering, like, what I am doing here," she said.  So do her tribe mates.  Not good for her long term prospects.
  • Cirie Fields: 60-1. Cirie will certainly make the merge, but there’s no way the villains will allow her to win.
  • Colby Donaldson (pictured): 50-1. A Colby/JT alliance not only appears likely, but dominant.  Colby seems like he could get along with Boston Rob, too, if they both make it to the merge.
Amanda Kimmel
Colby Donaldson
James Clement
Rupert Boneham
Stephenie LaGrossa
  • JT  Thomas: 25-1. Despite being the winner of Survivor: Tocantins, it’s impossible to hate JT.  He’s sneaky good at the challenges.
  • James Clement: 150-1. Though Erik from Fans vs. Favorites took away James Clement’s title as “dumbest Survivor ever,” he’s still not smart enough to win.
  • Rupert Boneham: 100-1. A really likeable character who will work well with Tom Westman, but is too naïve to win the game.
  • Stephanie LaGrossa: 30-1. An absolute competitor along the lines of JT and Colby, but without the stigma of being a dominant male.
  • Jessica “Sugar” Kiper: 75-1. Fortunately for her, Candice and Cirie should take away some of the early pressure often put on females who are not performing in challenges.  Once she gets past that barrier, she’ll float under the radar.
  • Tom Westman: 50-1. Though he was dominant in the challenges, Colby put it best: “I’m almost a decade older than the last time I did this.”  It hasn’t been a decade for Tom, but he isn’t getting any younger.

  • “Coach” Ben Wade: 200-1. Predictable squabbles with Tyson will be his downfall.
  • “Boston Rob” Mariano: 45-1. The personalities of the villains shouldn’t impact his game too much (see his destruction of Rob Cesternino in All-Stars) but without his wing man, “Ambuh,” he’ll struggle.  However, he’s another sneaky good at challenges guy.
  • Courtney Yates: 100-1. While she’s got two China castmates on the Heroes tribe, she struggled to make friends her first time around.  Can't see her doing much better this time.
  • Danielle DiLorenzo: 200-1. Along with Candice, Danielle is another “why is she here candidate.”  Fortunately, we won’t have to ask that for very long.
Ben Wade
Rob Mariano
Courtney Yates
Danielle DiLorenzo
Jerri Manthey
  • Jerri Mantheny: 150-1. If her and Colby make it to the merge, he’ll get rid of her... for the third time.  Colby will definitely make the merge, so she’s in trouble.
  • Parvati Shallow: 40-1. A truly underrated manipulator, her success hinges upon her ability to get Boston Rob, Russell or Tyson to work with her.  Russell seems like a prime candidate.
  • Randy Bailey: 80-1. If he can find a friend in Courtney, he might make it far.  Otherwise, his negative attitude will only get him removed.  Could really feud with Sandra.
  • Russell Hantz: 10-1. The favorite heading into this season only because it was filmed before anyone got to watch Survivor: Samoa.  The only “unknown” in the group.
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine: 200-1. Neither the villains nor the heroes will let her repeat her under the radar win.
  • Tyson Apostal: 60-1. The good news for Tyson is that he’ll never be eliminated before Coach.  The bad news is that someone like Courtney won’t put up with his attitude.


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i think that this seasons winner will not be a challenge dominator or a real threat but will make it to the finals with the sneaky and caniving people and win because of the jurys fury..i also think the winner will be a real strategist and most likely a villain. i hope j.t wins because he is absoloutley adorable!!


Sandra has already won more times than Russell and Rupert and Colby and almost everyone else. Do not underestimate her. Her best bet woul;d be to stick with Parvarti and Jerri and throw Russel under the bus. Yeah.


Sandra has already won more times than Russell and Rupert and Colby and almost everyone else. Do not underestimate her. Her best bet woul;d be to stick with Parvarti and Jerri and throw Russel under the bus.


Watch out for Sandra. She's more of a player than most give her credit and she has immunity in her pocket. I believe she'll make it to the finale and plead her case to the jury. She probably has enemies on the jury, but, not enough to keep her from the top prize.


Russell is a total idiot.......if he is so wealthy why doesn't he buy himself some new teeth? He is such white trash. LOL


Russell is the only one even making an attempt to win.


you say in the article that colby would be beating Jerri for the third time, but in actuality, it would only be the second. Jerri was responsible for Colby's boot the second time.


OK, I've made my decision and I say it is Sandra that wins it. (Russell and Parvarti are with her in the final three but those two will make too many enemies to win it.) Sandra will be the "lesser of three evils" . ;) Coach goes home next week.


russell is a plant, he's not rich, he lives in a trailer park.


russell sucks and needs to go home