Taylor Momsen Smoking: A Bad Message?

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen is not a role model.

She's said so herself, claiming it's not why she got into show business. But she does have legions of young fans who look up to her, and may be pushing it here.

The 16-year-old was spotted puffing on a cigarette on the New York City set of the show last week, much to the dismay of some fans and anti-smoking activists.

"She really has an extra responsibility to bear as an actress idolized by little girls," said Patrick Reynolds, director of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free America.

"For her to be smoking sends the wrong message to kids. Evidence has shown us that stars, particularly younger ones, definitely do influence kids to smoke."

Do you agree? Here's the evidence in question ...


REBEL: Taylor Momsen may not have signed up to be a role model, but is she just blatantly rebelling against that fact? Should she quit smoking, or do you not care?

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How about television shows, movies, music, ad campaigns, and the billion dollar tobacco industry sending a bad message? Taylor's just 17, and a victim of the above forces coercion. This is why America gets nowhere. We wrongly point the blame. As she said she's not a role model--the media's glamorization and the tobacco industry's greed are.


Who cares what she does? All you people saying that she is throwing her life and career away sound like idiots. First of all she isn't in the business of being role models to little girls. And just because you smoke doesn't mean you are a failure in life. The president smokes cigarettes for god sakes. Just because she smokes doesn't make her any less human than you. Lastly why does everyone here think people smoke to "rebel" or be "cool?" Some people like smoking because its relaxing or for many other reasons.


omg most of them smoke so get over it :@ but to be seriously honest i've neva really liked taylor she just generally annoys me leighton is a way better actress and has more about her :) xx


omgod do people have no lives? who gives a shit if shes smoking? thats totally her business and no-one elses! if some stupid little kid decided to copy her than it shows how pathetic the kid is! she should be allowed to do whatever she wants!


Leighton and most of the others smoke too.
Wheres the finger pointing at them?
Oh of course, Taylor just the exception.
Just like on the show shes held to a double standard than the rest of them. Completely forgot that. What was I thinking???(eyeroll)


holy shit shut up,
shes not smoking to rebel, why should she have to walk on eggshells just because shes famous? grow up.


Good! Keep smoking girl! That way you'll die faster :D


those anti-smoking $(^%(@#@@^#&$ piss me off... their banning flavoured papers and cigarellos where I live... kinda want a little ironic retribution.


Chase, Ed, Sebastian Stan and Leghton smoke. but its all good when taylor does it, shes a disgusting little try hard girl who is killing herself and her entire career. But, you know, smoking is only dangerous if you are 16. In your 20s, all the health risks diminish and smoking makes you cool. As does urinating in public.


Doesn't Chace Crawford and Sebastian Stan smoke?
Both of them had been photographed smoking on balconeys in NY.
Why is the spotlight so focused on Taylor?
Sexism is still alive and well I see.


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