The Bachelor Winner, Current Relationship Status Allegedly Revealed

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The Bachelor has been as popular as ever, if not more so in recent years, a rare feat in this TV era. The current 14th season has been a consistent ratings machine.

Part of the reason? Speculation over the finale, in which Jake Pavelka must choose between Vienna Girardi and Tenley Molzahn. Will he make the wrong decision?

Moreover, will there a stunning twist, like Jake spurning both women, him reuniting with lovely Ali Fedotowsky, Tenley being pregnant, or Vienna dumping Jake?

All of the above have been reported online, and obviously, all cannot be true. So we got to the bottom of the finale and the "After the Final Rose" special to follow.

The information you are about to read is not confirmed, because we were not present. But our sources have been as rock solid as they come up until this point.

Care to tease/spoil your Bachelor season finale viewing experience?

To read who Jake chooses on Monday's episode and the status of their relationship as of the "After the Final Rose" taping, follow this link for The Bachelor spoilers ...

Jake and Chris

Jake Pavelka is on cloud nine after Chris Harrison made his final choice.

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Jake is really as big a slutbag as Vienna so the two deserve each other.


I like Jake, but he seems so fake sometimes. In interviews he always has this fake, nervous laughter. Akward. Very good looking though. I wouldn't pick either of the finalists. I think Gia was much more his type. Pretty, confident and really a down to earth type of girl. And their kids would just be gorgeous


Ya, Vienna's trash. Neither of these women are a good choice. Finale = Wah wah wahhh.


I am so happy for Vienna and Jake. Thank goodness did not listen to the he is the only one who knows who "HE" wants. Congratulations Vienna and Jake.