The Good Wife: What's Ahead?

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Warning: The following interviews with The Good Wife cast and crew members reveal a few spoilers about next week's episode and beyond.

With that out of the way, we can confirm the following: Peter will turn down the offer made to him by Childs at the conclusion of "Bad." He'll take the offensive and request a retrial hearing.

If successful, of course, this means he'd return home and live with Alicia and the kids. As Julianna Margulies tells TV Guide Magazine:

"Alicia has made the decision to let Peter come home - but she knows that the only way that she won’t crack is if she takes it a day at a time.”

Defense Team

But how likely is that scenario? The outcome of Peter's case will hinge on the testimony of Kalinda, who’s been working as a double agent for both the former and current district attorneys.

“Kalinda has something to say that could keep Peter in jail. She’s very Machiavellian, but she has an Achilles heel,” said producer Robert King, who also responded to a question about Will and Alicia's future:

“Look for a love triangle percolating beneath the surface."

Are you a fan of The Good Wife? It's worth a DVR recording, at least, as this new drama is one of the smartest shows on TV.

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I would like to see Alicia stay with Peter and for him to have alot of past have been a set-up and proven!people make mistakes, please let these two reconcile and become complete partners in and out of marriage!


Yey! Great news on Will and Alicia... always hoping to see more of them together :)


More Will/Alicia? Awesome!! My favorite part of this interview. Hopefully she'll start to respond a little more to him.

Good Wife Quotes

If I ran, what's the plan?

Alicia (to Eli)

There's probably less back stabbing [in jail] than in the state's attorney office.