Tim Daly Teases Pete-Addison Romance on Private Practice

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She recently slept with Mark and flirted with Sam. He just had a baby with Violet. But might Addison and Pete still become the Private Practice "super couple" soon?

Tim Daly, who plays Pete, offers some intriguing teases about Thursday night's episode, "Love Bites," and beyond in an interview with TV Guide. Excerpts below ...

Q: The undisputed super couple on Grey's Anatomy is Meredith and Derek. Whom would you choose as the Private Practice super couple fans are most rooting for?

A: Interesting question. A year ago, I probably would have said Pete and Addison, and I may just say Pete and Addison again.

Q: You think it’s time they got it on?

A: TV romances take time. If they burn out too quickly there’s no place to go. But the spark between Pete and Addison has a good chance of combusting again.

Q: Perhaps as soon as this Thursday night?


HEAT: How long until the Paddison passion boils over?

A: Let’s just say they have not consummated their relationship yet on the American Broadcasting Corporation. But I’m not saying they won’t.

Q: So can we assume that the hypothetical Pete/Addison love scene is one of those "less is more" scenarios or is it all out there on display?

A: Let me just say that I think the moisture level of the fans will be high.

Q: Addison has obviously slept with both Derek and Mark – and carried on a flirtation with Sam. Does all her doctor playing with associates bother Pete?

A: Oh for God’s sake, Pete can’t be worried about that. Especially not Pete, who has banged receptionists and psychiatrists. Please. It’s a freaking Petri dish on Private Practice. We’re all swimming around in each other’s bodily fluids all the time.

Q: What’s the big medical case in "Love Bites"?

A: It’s funny, oddly topical and definitely creepy. It’s about some teenagers who are living out their Twilight fantasies by pretending to be vampires.

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Sam and Addison are just hot..Well Sam is just Hot...Pete/Addison are just boring and Pete is just OLD.. I welcome AddiSam with open arms. and taye without his shirt..lol


Can anyone explain to me why things are supposed to be "gross"?


I am for Pete and Violet too... they are really in love... Addie and Pete are just flirting and having sex just to forget their really beings...


I like what I like on screen, regardless of actors' opinions. I want Pete and Violet together.
Charlotte and Cooper
Addison with somebody new


Yeah.. Sam/Addie are gross. ewwww I want to FF all their scenes together. Pete/Addie on the other hand are great. Their chemistry is just amazing. They have to be the endgame, nothing else makes sense.


Ewww to Sam/Addie...so gross, and SLUTTY. Seriously, can't she go for someone appropriate for once? I will stop watching if they put her with Sam. Naomi is her best friend! You do NOT date your best friend's ex husband! Just a HUGE no-no. I don't like Pete/Addie either...I think they need a NEW character for her to be with.


Nice to hear others that don't see any chemistry between Sam and Addison. I gotta say though: even if some people think Addison and Pete are so Season 1...I find the interactions between Pete and Addison much more natural than Pete and Violet's relationship...But maybe because I'm not the biggest fan of romantic Violet (shrink violet is however entertaining).


I too cringe with Sam and Addie. Besides he needs to be with someone like Naomi. I'd be pissed if that happened to me. Has anyone noticed how PP is trying to shove interracial in our faces? Sam and Addie, Dink and Maya, Naomi and the dr., and the couple with the 2lb premie. Anyway, back to the good stuff, I hope they don't put Sam and Addie together - she should be with a hot new guy: Sam with Naomi: Pete with Violet, and all is happy.


Addie and Pete have such great chemistry... in the first season. A few sparks here and there over the seasons, nothing big. It would be cute to see as a couple. But, I love Addie and Sam. I mean, Pete and Addie said to each other, while in bed, that Pete is in love with Violet and Addie is in love with Sam! But Shonda seems to have a plan of Addie or Pete wanting more than just comfort sex. That's what happened to Pete when he was sleeping with Violet and then we see they have such great chemistry and they love each other!


I hope that Pete and Addison are the endgame. I've been waiting for this couple since season 1. They have so much chemistry and they are cute as friends.
And gosh! please no Addison & Sam. Not only they don't have any chemistry but this pairing is just gross.

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