Who Hasn't Alex Hooked Up with on Grey's Anatomy?

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We certainly don't have to tell you that Dr. Alex Karev has had his share of romantic dalliances with Seattle Grace staff members in five-plus seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

But do we know about them all?

EW says the upcoming February 18 episode, "Time Warp," will answer this burning question: Which of Seattle Grace’s other female docs has Alex hooked up with in the past?

Any theories? Do you interpret this as we do, that he's gotten with someone and it hasn't been shown on screen? If that's the case, could it be Meredith? Callie? Who?

Chime in below with comments!

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I think Callie, but Teddy Altman as being a new character needs a story line boost as he Owen confusion is over... may be some where in past they hooked up as strangers..


to "DUH" its not lexie.. we know that they slept together in season 4.. when mer comes out of her room and sees them in the hallway getting it on. i kind of want it to be mer.. but its prolly callie


It has to be Callie, that's the only one that makes sense no way could it be AZ because shes's never been with men, plus Callie is a sex addict haha so no doubt it's her Alex is like Sloan jr so why wouldn't they hook up


I think it would be awesome to see Callie and Alex hook up in the past. We still get to see difference characters interact w/out ruining the couples of NOW.


Definitely not NURSE rose because the person in question is a doctor. Not Meredith, coz we I think we should have known it by then if it really did happen. Not Christina, definitely out of the character.Since callie is one of the chars that will be having the flashback, it could be her. My bet goes to Callie.But I have this idea in the back of my head that it could be AZ.
Hehe. I can so imagine Callie realizing that she'd seen AZ back in the past hooking up with Alex.


The Girl is Lexie!
She even said to mer when she and alex was caugh that wasn't the first time!
And in the next ep promo we see them kissing!
It's LEXIE! :D


Amyy88, I doubt Arizonia would care. She knows Callie's been with men and it was before they were together.


As much as I REALLY don't want it to be Callie. I just dont see who else it could be!
We would already know if it was Meredith and Christina just isnt that stupid! Bailey....she just wouldnt.
And Arizona? no way!
and hes already slept with everyone else!
:( this makes me sad! i think its gonna ruin Callie for me!
and IF it is her then will Arizona find out about it? how will she react?


i really hope this isn't true. ALex has had enough sex these six seasons-Izzie, Olivia, Addison, Lexie, Ava. but if it's anyone it's most likely Callie. If it was Meredith we would have definietly known about it. And am I the only one excited about him and blonde Lexie?


Please, no Rose anymore!!! and "Which of Seattle Grace’s other female docs has Alex hooked up with in the past?" so should be a doctor, not a nurse... ;)

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