Who is Getting Married on Bones?

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Two people will get married to conclude this season of Bones. That much we know.

Of course, that still leaves the pesky question of: Who will it be?!?

Executive producer Hart Hanson would only tell TV Guide Magazine: “One of the four women in our cast will be getting married,” but he did size up the odds of each candidate...

Booth and Brennan?
“It would take a lot to get there, but it’s conceivable," said Hanson.
TV Fanatic Odds: 100-1.

Bones Scene

Angela and Hodgins?
Said Michaela Conlin: “Although Wendell is turning out to be more than a roll in the hay, Angela is very in love with Hodgins and will eventually end up with him."
TV Fanatic Odds: 4-1.

Daisy and Sweets?
“These two are a hot-and-heavy couple,” said Hanson.
TV Fanatic Odds: 25-1.

Camille and... ?
“Cam will be meeting a love interest this season,” said Hanson.
TV Fanatic odds: 10-1.


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It Will Either Be Booth And That New Marine Biologist Or Booth And Brennan Beause They're Saying It Changes Everyones Life. So It Can't Be Hodgela.


I'm rooting for Angela and Hodgins. Although I'd LOVE to see Booth and Bones get together, it's WAY too soon for a marriage between the two.


Am I the only one wanting Russ to come bakc then the the wedding would be Russ and Amy and then like other stuff would happen....I can't explain but Yeah, Russ and Amy? porbley not


Umm... not again. They never got married because Angela was already married. But they are still soooo in love with each other! :D


my bets r on sweets and daisy or angela and hodgins (again)

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