An Exclusive Interview with Life Unexpected Star Austin Basis

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Following guest-starring stints on his shows such as NCIS and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Austin Basis has found a more permanent home on Life Unexpected.

He stars on The CW drama as Baze's roommate and Lux's teacher, Math. In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, the actor opens up about his character, his underrated show and more. We thank him for his time...

TV Fanatic: Describe the feeling of landing your first regular role.
Austin Basis: Finally! Just a sigh of relief, really. I'd been through several pilots and it always seemed to come down to me and someone else. We could do an interview about those experiences alone. So when they finally called for Life Unexpected, it just felt like fruition after years of being let down.

TV Fanatic: There's such chemistry on the show. Had you worked with any of your co-stars before this?
Basis: No. But I came into the lobby before our first-ever table read and saw Shiri Appleby and Kerr Smith there. They were working on their parts and chemistry was immediately formed before we ever shot.

As Math

TV Fanatic: Talk about your approach to playing Math. Do you have any experience with unrequited love?
Basis: Is there anyone that hasn't experienced that? It always seems like when you like someone who is out of your league, they like someone out of their league.

TV Fanatic: Got any Life Unexpected spoilers for your character?
Basis: He's been thrown back into this crush with Cate, but he has more self-esteem now than in high school. The dynamic between him, Cate and Baze will come to a head in the next couple episodes.

TV Fanatic: The show hasn't been renewed yet. Is there tension on the set over that? Anxiousness?
Basis: We've already finished shooting and we always took the attitude that if only get 13 episodes, we wanna make the best 13 episodes can make. That was our mindset.

All we can do now is have confidence in the work we've done and hope the fans appreciate it.

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The show did so well on Wednesdays, I wonder if The CW would ever (gasp!) consider moving Top Model? Frankly, even sticking LUX on Tuesdays at 8 would serve me just fine, since I feel there is NOTHING on Tuesdays I care to watch once Lost is done. If all else fails, what's wrong with a rotating cycle of shows on Monday (or another night), like the network did this year with OTH, GG and LUX? I'd rather see THAT, than endless repeats. 2010-11 is the year The CW finally needs to step up and begin acting like a REAL NETWORK...programming two hours a week, five days a week, with 10 different shows--no encore crap. And in addition, mix in some of these new shows for a round or three.


Would love to have another season of Life Unexpected. Thanks for the interview with Austin.


I totally agree JMO. Dawn just needs to give this show a full chance, and let the audience build. Give it a better time slot too. This show would get solid ratings I'm sure!


CW would be crazy not to give it a second season! It's there fault they pretty much thrown the show to the sharks in the first place by starting it mid-season, up against the olympics, lack of promotion, and put it on monday nights where all the other networks have very popular shows. It's ratings are poor because it's on a bad night! If it gets canceled CW only has themselves to blame for doing this GREAT show an injustice!!


Aww... I love Math. He's so sweet. I really want a second season of this show!

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