David Boreanaz Clarifies Stance on Bones' Booth & Brennan

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David Boreanaz is best known for two things:

  • Being the married guy Rachel Uchitel slept with before Tiger Woods
  • Being half of Bones' sizzling and electric Booth-Brennan component

Regarding the latter, recent comments that he doesn't want the show's main characters to end up together riled up the show's fan base. Now Boreanaz wants to clarify.

"I see [Booth and Brennan] and they really pretty much are together," Boreanaz said in a new interview. "The fans want to see the two together. I have my views on it."

"I think the two of them kind of work really great off of each other [already] and I'm not saying I don't want to see them together. But I think that everybody wants to see them together in a different way, whether that's as a couple, in a relationship [or something else]."

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David Boreanaz isn't nixing a Booth and Brennan pairing ... but he's cautious.

"It's great to see them solve these crimes, it's also great to see them get into their personal lives. But for right now, I still maintain that they should be partners, and that we will see what happens after the season [ends], where they'll go from there."

Also, just because the duo might be on the fence romantically doesn't mean there won't be many moments to get fans buzzing (not unlike NCIS' Tony and Ziva in that way). Boreanaz says Booth and Brennan might be sharing a dance in an upcoming high school reunion.

On the flip side, we may be in for a bumpy ride come the season finale.

"In the season finale, there will be a big shift ... with everybody," Boreanaz said. "It's a really great season finale. We shot the last scene last week and it was very moving, very hard to get through. But I think it's going to elevate these characters even more so next season."

Hmm.... possible pregnancy spoiler alert? Any thoughts, Bones fans?

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Please! Bones says she's a scientist and can't get involved with Booth. That makes no sense. The producers/writers have danced this dance too long. Bones is damaged emotionally, but it's time for her to take a chance on Booth. OMG - men like that don't grow on trees honey!


Heartbroken doesn't describe the feeling at the end of last nights episode. After 5 years of flirting and near togetherness to have it end with Booth "moving on" is just not right. It's time to let them get together, humanize Bones more, let her see what she is giving up. After the Angela/Hodgins fiasco haven't we learned anything. We all wantto see this relationship blossom, not be teasedd week after week and then have such a lousy ending. Frustration and Tears!!!!!!!!!!


I have to agree with the majority of writers. This ending could be a disaster for the show if they don't come back with a different storyline quickly. Most of us have seen heartbreak in relationships, know the pain of seeing a past love with another as they try to "move on". We have lived it and cannot watch it for entertainment; so to watch a show feeling anothers heartbreak & uncertainty... nope, not fun. Lighthearted flirting that goes no where because the two let everyone know there is no chance because of their love for each... maybe. For awhile. Don't let Booth have another love for even a short time or can kiss this show Good-bye. Sorry FOX, but that's the way these BONES roll!!


Get with it already!!!We want to see Booth and Bones together!!!We love the show please don't frustrate the audience and make us change the channel...Give us something already!!!!


I agree with a lot of you...I believe taking it slow is good. but come on it has been 5 seasons....There can be ways that good story lines can be still written and strecthed.Like for example: what happened to bones wanting a baby? They should write in a story line of her becoming pregnant and booth being the donor...With that story line a lot of creative curves can be wrote in..and of course booth and bones ending up together and always being brought together because of what would bind them...not only their love but a child as well. and this would help bones grow to show her emotions and be more expressive..SO GET ON WITH IT!!!!


are you kidding me? what season is this?? like the 7th? it is really about time that Booth and Brennan get together! I'm sorry but the plot lines are getting dry and the cases seem to be boring and at times much too predictable. i don't like how the show has become completely about the anthropology and nothing about any of the character's personal lives. this is, after all, television. Booth and Brennan are clearly made for each other, and honestly the reason i have been watching this show these past few seasons are in hopes of Booth and Brennan finally getting together. but no such luck apparently. the 100th episode had a clear opening for the relationship between Booth and Brennan. unfortunately, this episode gave many viewers high hopes, only to be crushed. please bring them together! they are clearly made for each other.


I watched the 100th episode...I was really upset. But I understand what Bones was saying when she said, "I am just a scientist, I don't change." Over the past few seasons I believe that she has gotten better with just the way she and other people joke around with things, and I can also see how she is getting better at understanding what people say more and more...and I believe that it all has to do with Booth. At point the writers have to have a WHOLE season on Booth and Bones and them together...and maybe eventually them getting married! At least Bones and Booth are now even more open to their relationship and their feelings!


I did not like the way the 100th episode ended!! I believe it would be much more interesting to see them seeking around in a relationship!! They seem to love each other and now a days we need more of that!! Thank you,


The opening comments are completely uncalled for and unprofessional. Whatever David Boreanaz does or does not do in his private life is nobody's business. The fans don't know David Boreanaz and neither do you. The fans want to hear about his work and in particular about the work he does on Bones and the wonderful way he and Emily Deschanel portray Booth and Brennan. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are not a journalist in any sense of the word. You are a complete hack. You deserve all the censure you receive.


You know, there are things that will make fans stop reading this site and this is among those things for sure. I don't know who thought that that magazine could be used as a source of information, but whoever did should consider getting a new 'job' - and fast. Maybe someone is looking for a fabulist.....that could work out..... Anyway it's sad to see a fairly normal and on times even good site turn into a gossip page and trying to help creating a stepping stone for wannabe-stars like this Rachel.....

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