The Newest Grey's Anatomy Guest Star: Demi Lovato

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Teen phenom Demi Lovato, singer, songwriter, actress and girlfriend of one of the Jonas Brothers, is coming to Grey's Anatomy in an upcoming episode, according to E! Online.

Details of her role are just coming out, but E! reports the following this morning:

"Well, she is moving in on Izzie's man Alex! OK, not really, but Demi and Justin Chambers are shooting a scene together tomorrow morning on the set of Grey's Anatomy."

We'll have more for you on this (cute!) guest starring scoop as we learn more!

Demi Lovato

What type of role will the Disney channel cutie play?

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I don't know why but I'm not excited about her playing in Grey's.
Well, I'm okay with one episode but not a reccurent character please!


is this the fucking reemplazed of katherine heigl?
cammon peopleee cammoon!!!!!!!!!!


Well Aaron refers to a sister called Amber who was 10 when Alex last visited home, seven years ago. but I forgot, family doesn't treat family so I could be way wrong

Call me meredith

i hope she is a family member


Karev's sister??


ugh i hate her. I love greys anatomy so much dont ruin an episode by putting her on it




I can't wait to see how she plays this role (one online report said she'd be doing something invovling schizophrenia).

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