Fringe to Go Glee on April 29

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We didn't exactly see this coming.

On April 29, Fringe will make like its Fox counterpart Glee and air a music-based episode. It will be titled "Overture."

“Oh, it’s gonna be a blast,” Lance Reddick told TV Guide Magazine. “It’s basically Walter telling a bedtime story to Olivia’s niece and so it has these extreme versions of [the cast].”

So Many Observers

Among the developments ahead on the unique installment: Broyles will play the piano, Astrid will perform a song from “A Chorus Line,” and Olivia will vamp it up as a private eye... who gets serenaded.

“I sing a song to Olivia, which is certainly confusing,” said Blair Brown, who plays Nina Sharp.

This is an episode we most certainly have to see.

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wow finally someone that feels the same way like me when it comes to the roles to play. they put him as lead but yet sometimes nina sharp gets more that him. i watch to see peter or Joshua i know most of us girls do(please dont bash me.) but they need to give him more major roles other than walter,s watcher or m also boycotting. who wants to join


Chelsea, you obviously haven't been a Josh fan as long as I have. I have seen Josh being put down, underused all his career. Fringe is no better. Read the reviews, almost every single one of them criticizes Josh, calling him Pacey and stating he doesn't do anything. its screwed up that the new people like john noble and anna torv get all the good stuff while people like Josh, get ignored and given NOTHING to do on a show where he is the damn lead.


OMG BeautyQueen1 calm down! It's just one episode! And this is a very brief summary of what it's about you don't know that Peter isn't going to be in it. And April 1st's ep entitled 'Peter' is all guess it. Peter. That being said this is going to be a very interesting ep! Should be fun to see how it all turns out.


cant wait for this episode...sounds like fun!!!


While the news is controversial, I am more upset beyond belief that there is nothing about Peter. Also, why is broyles playing the piano? Have the writers forgotten that it was Peter who played the piano back in episodes The equation and the ghost network? I can't tolerate this show anymore. Peter is one of the main leads and this is how they treat him? Not giving him a significant role in this musical episode but they give the supporting characters stuff to do? due to the balant fact that the writers seem to not care about Peter's character, I am boycotting this show. I watched the show for Josh's sake and he is ignored, bashed and underrated.

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