Glee Spoilers Galore: Cast Dishes on Puck & Rachel, Kurt's New Boyfriend, Lady Gaga Tribute & More

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The stars and producers of Glee appeared this weekend at the Paley Festival in Beverly Hills, where they screened the 14th episode of the season, "Hello," set to air April 13.

Let's just say the scoop gleaned from the Glee cast and producers at the event was off the hook. Can you say Lady Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris and major romance heating up?

Below are some comments from the cast and previews of things to come ...

Forget Team Finn or Team Puck: How about Team Jesse?! Jonathan Groff's character, who is first seen singing Lionel Richie's "Hello" with Rachel (Lea Michele) is fantastic.

Puck and Rachel: Says Ryan Murphy, "Yes, they will get back together. But the thing about Puck is he's a bad boy so he has an affair with almost every girl on the show."

Glee Cast at Paley Fest

Lady Gaga Is coming: "We're doing an episode that's a tribute to theatricality," Murphy said. We reached out to Lady Gaga and she said, 'Yes, I'd love to be a part of it.'"

Coldplay and Bryan Adams are not: They nixed having their songs covered!

Ryan Murphy on Madonna: "I admire her greatly and I'm friends with her a little bit socially. I called her up and  said we want to write up a tribute to you and she cooperated in every way possible. We do 10 songs altogether. Jane is going to do 'Vogue.'"

No mohawk here: "Puck is trying out a new look," Murphy says. Intriguing.

Kurt is getting a new boyfriend: Kurt's scenes with his father are based on Murphy's experience and written by Brad Falchuk. Ryan: "I'm not interested in him being gay bashed. I'm interested instead in him being popular and confident and a role model."

Finn's mom and Kurt's father will have some romantic tension coming up.

Matthew Morrison on Neil Patrick Harris' role: "We're filming right now with him and Joss Whedon. He plays a high school rival of mine. He got all the girls and the good songs. Now he's on the school board and trying to take down the glee club."

Their two duets: Aerosmith and Billy Joel.

Kristin Chenoweth is coming back in the third episode. Wooo!

Finally, some Sue Sylvester quotes that didn't make it to air:

  • "Shut your mouth before I rape it."
  • "I will kick you square in the vagina."
  • "Rachel wears floor length denim skirts that make her look like she's escaped from a polygamist compound."

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I think puck and rachel are great.Although i think it's unfair on Quinn and the baby but puck he's a babd boy and he can't stay with one girl.I heard about puck was going to sleep with rachel. Ohno i hope that doesn't ruine their relationship!!!!


Yay for Puckleberry! By the way, just because Puck wants to be a responsible dad doesn't mean he needs to be in a romantic relationship with Quinn.


nooooooo!!! i don't want puck & rachel to be together. quinn & puck are so much better. ugh!


Noooooooooooooo, Puck and Quinn FTW


YAAAAAASSSSSSS I love Puck/Rachel.. They have the best chemistry together on the show.. I’ve been dying to see those two back together.. even if it’s short lived for now, I hope somewhere down the line the writers decide to explore their relationship even more, I think they could be a HUGE couple.. They remind me of nathan and haley from One Tree Hill.


nonononoono good couples (my opinion) finn and rachel- they both have good chemistry quinn and puck- having a baby


puck and quinn ftw!


Ohhh Glee! How I have missed you terribly!
I use to be a Finn/Rachel shipper all the way until episode 8 when we had a taster of Rachel with Puck. Now I am a die-hard PUCKLEBERRY fan!
I think what the writers usually tend to do is mix and match a variety of couples like "testers" to see which ones the audience will take to. Originally they weren't going to pair Rachel & Puck up again... it was just a test the first time, but since the audience took so well to them and Mark & Lea have so much chemistry and are yet to do a duet together and was soooooo happy after reading they do reunite... but it looks like maybe Ryan Murphy was trying to drop us some hints with Puck being a bad boy and getting with almost every girl in the show... hmmm.
Anyway the Puck/Rachel fan base is HUUUGE and the writers know this. Also its only the 1st season guys! If they pair them up too quick they will become a similar version of Chuck & Blair (Gossip Girl) who I LOVE but IMO got together to quick ... even though it was a painful drawn out quick... now its made Gossip Girl BORING. But this is Glee it could never be boring!
I must say I cannot wait for the Lady Gaga inspired episode, Lea is supposed to be wearing a frog costume & the glee cast are going all out with the costumes!
Ahhhh and Puck's new look? hubbahubbaa cannot wait!
1 Question... what on earth is going to happen with Quinn and the baby? That storyline can only run its course for so long. This is meant to be a teen comedy... not teen mom.


OMG! :D Still disappointed with no Kinn, but it's very unlikely it's going to happen anyway. *sigh* Also: WHAT? NPH AND LADY GAGA? This show just gets better and better. :3


omg i am so excited april 13th is my birthday and i love GLEE puckleberry all the way

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Glee Quotes

[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.