Gossip Girl Promo: "Inglorious Bassterds"

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Do Chuck and Blair ... they couldn't, right?

The promo for next week's Gossip Girl, for which we posted a photo gallery just moments ago, paints a chilling picture of just how far Chair might go to salvage the hotel.

Could it just be an elaborate ruse to take down Jack Bass?

Or will the events taking place in "Inglorious Bassterds" be the undoing of Chuck and Blair as we know them, an unfortunate scenario that has been rumored for months?

Check out the promo and comment away ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-promo/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Promo"] [/video]

Follow the jump for an extended version of this Gossip Girl promo ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-promo-extended/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Promo: Extended"] [/video]

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wooow looks great! love blair's dress!



Elise of the upper east side

you guys! if chuck is supposed to get there before they sleep together, what is the point?? jack won't have signed the papers or given chuck the hotel back yet! ugh I hope blair secretly does it for chuck, chuck finds out and tries to stop it, blair realizes she could never sleep w/ jack b/c she loves chuck and for a million other reasons and changes her mind, and jack beats up blair. then chuck comes in to find jack beating up blair and does something to jack. that is what I want to happen, so I really hope it does b/c I don't want chuck to ever hurt blair!! it'd ruin everything. they haven't had ANY hot scenes ALL season, so i want whatever happens to make their love/passion/etc even more. also, if this scenario happened, it'd be awesome to see chuck come in and see blair hurt and get mad and stuff. like her hero!! ahhh i love chuck so i don't want him to do something bad!!! and I really don't want blair to sleep with jack!


they just keep ruining the chuck/blair dynamic. im losing more and more hope that this show will improve :(


Are you sure thats Nate kissing Jenny? From behind it could also be Damien.. ;))


I want to believe that Blair does not go through with it in the end.


oh come on!!!!!!!!!
they're ruining serenate's storyline!!!!!!!!!and honestly,this is absurd..on the previous episode nate said that he was very happy with serena..and now he is kissin jenny!..weren't they supposed to be a bona fide couple?!?!?!? jenny should get her own man,not serena's or blair's...stop it!!!!!!!!I really do hope that this is not going to make serenate break up...
...and blair sacrificing herself to save chuck...OMG!


I am so excited for this episode!!
Is Blair really going to sleep with Jack to save the hotel or is she just playing a game? What is the horrifying thing Chuck do. Someone has Blairs dress in the hand in the window right. Jack or Chuck? And the Jenny/Nate stuff looks great! I'm not a fan of Serenate because it feels like theirs nothing their. Like their tossed together beacause their hot and have alot of sex. It doesn't work for me. Jenny and Nate does have good chemistry! And He has been saving her alot this season and seems to really care for him.
I actually think it looks like Nate is pulling her in for the kiss. And the surprised face afterwards may be just for playing with our minds. I really hope so!


Jack Bass is the most obnoxious creature, if he would do that to his own brothers son. I hope Dorota will kill him.


Blair is sacrificing herself for chuck!!!!
but i dunno if they will actually have sex because what they show in the spoiler tends to be overhyped....so just lets see!

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