Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "The Lady Vanished"

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Gossip Girl finally returns this coming Monday with an all-new episode, "The Hurt Locket." We posted a couple of sneak previews from that episode earlier today.

We also posted trailers for the show's return that include sexy clips of Chair and Serenate. Now we have a new clip from "The Lady Vanished" to add to the mix!

In the March 15 episode (the second one back), Nate and Serena who are turning up the heat between the sheets ... or make that on top of Chuck Bass' couch.

As for Blair and Chuck? It sounds like they're going at it, too, but it turns out Blair's faking it (solo), professing that she and Chuck "aren't connecting right now."

Nate, Serena, Blair

S, N & B in the March 15 installment of Gossip Girl.

"He's shutting me out," B tells S, "in his head, all the time. Last week he went through something and if he's still upset, I just want him to be able to talk to me."

She's doing her best to cope in the meantime, though. We've never heard her moan quite like this. Follow the clip to see (and hear) Blair in the heat of passion ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-lady-vanished-sneak-preview/" title="The Lady Vanished Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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poor blair...she doesn't deserve what season 3 has done to her..... i really hope she dumps him...and tell him that she is 19 not 90 and she wants to have fun..and she's tired of him shutting her out... (don't get me wrong, i'm a big chair fan .. and i know they'll end up together.. but right now...) i hope she hooks up with jack again.. he is so evil.. he's the best...and i wan't this epic break-up in the season finale.. so season 4 can be making up.. and i think that's it.... yeah...


totally agree with Dollface. Chair's soo boring this season. I mean Blair's laying around reading magazines and waiting for chuck to get done business deals and other BS instead of partying it up in college. womp.


that was annoying. I don't like it when blair gets hurt or someone(ahem no names mentioned)upsets her... she's blair waldorf! queen of the upper east side! not a desperate whiney goose!


LMAOOO wowww. ''elise of the upper east side'' blair is obviouslyy NOT loser. get ur factss straightt. and the fact that u had to ask WHY she was doing that just proves that u dont even get blair to begin with. to answer ur question blair was doing that to get her point across about how akward it is for her to have to listen to S&N going at it in the other room. she's basically making fun of them&telling them to stop which is y she said ''im sorry, was it akward?'' howw would u feel if u were simply trying to read ur fashion magazine in peace, while ur best friend was woo-hooing in the room next to u. LOLS


poor Blair!!!
who can blame her? she's just eighteen and an eighteen y.o. girl is supposed to have fun in her relationship not being abandoned cos her bf is busy with work....at least Blair is not flirting with other guys!! If it were me and I'm as pretty n rich as Blair I would probably be going out, meet people and flirt with them!
I love the S & B scene btw! and so sweet of Chuck caring for Blair


Okay yes! Serena's facial expressions at 1:02 and 2:09 TOTALLY look like Hermione Granger/Emma Watson!!!


Cant wait!!!
Am I the only one who found Serena's facial expressions resembled those of Emma Watson/Hermione Granger!? LOL


"The NJBC possibly living/sleeping in the same appartment = amazing!!" i agree with you:) this scene was really fun but at the same time somehow sweet 9with this girly talk) and sad...


I actually enjoyed that scene. Very touching moment between B and S.

Pimp my limo

blair is so pathetic in this scene..season3 = win!

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