Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Inglorious Bassterds"

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So far, Chuck, Blair and Jack have dominated speculation, discussion, spoilers and even a New York window display revolving around the upcoming "Inglorious Bassterds."

These two sneak preview clips, however, focus on another story line entirely. Jenny is clearly asking for trouble once again, though not with drugs this time. With Serena.

In the first clip, she makes a play for Nate. It all starts innocently enough, but this is Jenny Humphrey. The girl is a magnet for trouble, and we don't see this ending well:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-sneak-preview-1/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second sneak peek from "Inglorious Bassterds," showing Serena's reaction as she learns birthday boy Nate canceled on his grandfather last minute ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/inglorious-bassterds-sneak-preview-2/" title="Inglorious Bassterds Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

What do you think of this brewing love triangle? Do you prefer Nate with Serena or with Jenny? And how do you think it'll play out on the show? Comment!

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Winsie, good point! I had sort of forgotten all the rotten stuff she has done in the past. While that is not to say none of those people did things to her, but Eric, he has always been a friend to her and she treated him terrible. The same is true of Serena. She doesn't really care about anyone but herself.


serenate definitely! i just dont get it why the writers must turn jenny into such a low character..she's beautiful, get her a new boy..leave serenate alone


I hate Jenny so much. I want her to die. REALLY THOUGH. Serena and Nate are so cute together. I can't wait to see Serean go crazy and show her Queen side.


serenate ftw , i still don't mind NJ but not that way >< jenny stealing nate and all the crap ! this will surely ruin everything jenny had till this day serena as an enemy +Blair the crazy bitch lolz , including nate as a friend and protector !


Jenny is a bitch coz she bites the hand that feeds her. she did Blair wrong, she did Vanessa wrong, she did Eric wrong who by the way was THE person who stood by her at all times and now Serena, her step sister who was really really looking out for her?! How low can Jenny get?..


I LOVE SERENA AND NATE TOGETHER!!! ahhhh... jenny is so gross and she just doesnt belong with nate. they have nothing in common!! eww


nate and jenny for sure




ive been waiting for N&S since season 1! i dont want Nate and Jenny! Go NERENA!


I'm kinda a fan of Serena and Dan but thats like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long gone, so i MUCHHHH prefer Serena and Nate. Jenny just does not fit with him. Shes too different and i just am not a fan of hers at all...

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